How E-Cigarettes threaten to upend decades of antismoking efforts

Smoking as well as other habits that are bad for our health are easy to start and hard to get rid of overall. Many people have started this new type of behavior as a way of spending time with friends or simply from the need to relieve stress somehow but have found themselves addicted to it in no time. Even when you think you can start smoking occasionally just for fun you can end up developing an addictive habit that will be difficult to give up on after a while.

However, thousands of people from across the world have understood the negative effects of smoking on their health and overall quality of life and are interested in finding new ways in which to relieve themselves from this addiction. Several years ago, e-cigarettes appeared on the market as an innovative method meant to help people transition from their smoking status to non-smoking habits. However, using e-cigs as a temporary substitute to standard cigarettes has also proven to turn into an addictive habit for those trying to quit this habit. Therefore, e-cigarettes threaten to upend decades of antismoking efforts. Let’s see why below.

Intermediate solution that comes with various effects

When people find themselves desperate to find a way in which to quit smoking they are really attracted by intermediary solutions like e-cigarettes that promise a temporary and better solution for their unhealthy habits. However, many specialists who have struggled to find methods in which smokers might quit their negative habit without requiring substitute methods along the way do not see this new appearance on the market as the best solution.

Some think that this is only a new way of changing one bad behavior with another one that can become as addictive as the previous one. Others see the positive effects featured by it only as long as those who undertake it are certain to give it up as soon as they are ready to take the next step namely quit any kind of smoking whatsoever.

Research on human behavior and addictive habits

Numerous specialists in the field have studied the human behavior for years to determine what makes it so difficult for people to quit addictive habits like smoking. Some say that it is the lack of will that makes this process challenging whereas others say that the body simply gets used to substances that are then required to keep you calm and feeling comfortable. When the body feels the lack of such substances it starts making you feel uncomfortable, nervous and eager to get back to your old habits.

It is then that the real struggle begins for those who consider adopting a healthier lifestyle in the long run. Most smokers would like to quit this habit but not all of them find the strength to do so fast. However, there have been numerous methods discovered over time that have helped thousands of smokers quit this behavior and who are now happy non-smokers that feature a better health status. Some managed to give it up suddenly just because they were really determined to improve their life whereas others have used meditation as well as numerous other ways of getting rid of this habit systematically.

E-cigarettes have entered the market with the promise of offering a quick fix to such issues. All the commercials promoting these products seem to promise an easy way of giving up standard smoking in favor of taking up on another behavior that is less harmful to our health. Who would not be attracted by a quick solution that no longer requires your strong determination or hours of meditation meant to help you train your body to no longer need those substances that create the addiction? Read more on

E Cigarettes Ireland

This is how these new products have managed to upend decades of antismoking efforts. They promise quick solutions that people are eager to embrace in order to waste less time struggling with their addiction. The question however remains: is this a long-term solution that can help people regain their natural way of being and a healthy lifestyle? In the end, it is all up to every person to choose the right path. Everything comes with pros and cons – people are the ones who decide how long they want to keep on going on a certain path. ECigWizard can be a temporary solution if this helps but in the end your power of will needs to come into place as well if you really want to make a change.



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