Don’t Forget About Your Rights


The relationship between the employer and employee greatly depends on the job, various moods and situations with each day. However, on paper, this relationship can become complicated. Employment law covers all the obligations and rights between the employer and employee and it covers a wide variety of situations that could emerge at the workplace. This relationship is mostly based on a valid contract between the two parties, but the state law covers some of the duties and rights as well. In order for this relationship to last long and for the both parties to work in harmony, you should be aware of the rights you deserve.

Right to be Free from Discrimination

One of the most important rights is freedom from being discriminated on any basis. You have the same rights as all the employees during the hiring process and during the execution of employment. The right to be free from discrimination includes freedom from discrimination based on age, gender, national origin, religion and race. During a hiring process, an employer cannot ask their job applicants some family-related questions, due to this right. Should such right be disrespected, you are entitled to a lawyer. Additionally, the same right cannot be disrespected while the employment lasts, and no party should be discriminated.

Right to Fair Wages

Wages are the biggest reason people look for a job, and you should know to what rights about wages you are entitled. For a start, a relevant minimum wage must be paid, but you can come to an agreement with the employer for the rates to be higher. Besides a minimum wage, you are entitled to four weeks’ paid annual holiday per year, but depending on the company, you can get extra annual holidays paid. If you work on public holidays, you are entitled to the payment of time and a half, and you have the right on a five days’ paid sick leave per year. Additionally, you are entitled to paid rest and meal breaks which must be provided by the employer.

Right to a Safe Workplace

Every employer must provide a safe working environment for their employees and that is their statutory duty. A safe workplace must be free of dangerous conditions, potential safety and health hazards, and toxic substances. This also includes fire safety, noise, cleanliness, operating with machinery, lifting and carrying heavy weights, toilets, hazardous substances, drinking water, first aid facilities and so on. As soon as your right to be safe at work is disrespected or you suffer an injury, you have the right and should advise with personal injury lawyer in order to get fair treatment and necessary aid.

Right to a Family and Medical Leave

Every employee has the right to go on a family or medical leave. This means that the employer must allow employees to go on a 12-week leave of absence for any qualified medical purposes. However, in order to be qualified for such a leave, the employee must have been working for that employer for 12 months and for 1,250 hours preceding the leave. Also, the employer is obliged to preserve the employees’ positions for the duration of the leave; otherwise the right of the employee is disrespected. Additionally, each employee is entitled to a three days’ paid bereavement leave for close family members and one day for other people. In addition to that, each employee has the right to a parental leave lasting up to 52 weeks.

Right to Ask for Time for Training

This right is not very common, and the employer is not required to give you days off or to pay for them. However, you are entitled to ask for time for training only if you are an employee in an organization with 250 or more employees, and provided that you have been working for that employer for at least 26 weeks. Additionally, you can make such a request in order to become more effective at work and improve your skills and qualifications. The amount of time you are asking for a leave is not limited; it is all up to you and your employer.

Many of the employees’ rights are disregarded just because no one knows enough about their rights and duties. Make sure you are familiar with the law and with the contract and policy of the company, and there should be no legal issues that could jeopardize your relationship with the employer.

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