When Does Hair Grow After The Hair Transplantation ?

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a really perfect technic that provides person have a good look with his/her hair lifetime on the condition that it is performed cautiously and meticulously. Today we get positive and unbeliveable results from hair transplation/hair restoration  process applied with Fue technic. The basic criteria is applying right process to right patient by experinced ones. When it is performed in this way, we obtain a really good result.

From the begining of the process to a week or ten days period after the surgery, we see that the scabs are totally lost and hair transplanted begins to grow gradually. But this a tissue transplantation. Due to a process called revascularization which is an important research subject in plastic surgery and stems from tissue transplantation, we observe hair loss in hair strands transplanted between 3 or 4 weeks after the proces. This hair loss is a natural period and it can continues up to two months. By this hair loss, new hair begins to grow in hair follicles after one and a half or two months from the day hair loss begins. But this growing is not same in all hair follicles. It is due to cycle of the hair. The hair emerges,grows and losts,then new hair begins to grow from these follicles. This a natural hair cycle for everybody. But when this cycle is not at the same stages and the hair harvested from backside is not equal, some hair type can grow early and other can grow late.

So firstly we  recognize the hair’s growing period and later begining from the two and a half month we observe  50 % or  60 % hair growing in the sixth month . In the eighth month this percentage increases up to 80 % or 90%. As a result 80 % or  90 % of the transplanted hair follicles grows in the eight month and continues growing. % 100 hair growing needs a year. After a year these hair follicles never lost or again grow if they lost  ( we can not see and follow this ) and then they totally become your own hair follicles. You can also shave them, you can go to sauna,pool,see and hammam comfortably. In this way you can use your own hair follicles harvested from backside of the head for a lifetime. Hair transplantation is a serious process and centers such as the world-class www.estecenter.com/en  should be preferred.

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