Top 5 most blunder mistakes happens while cooking food

Everyone makes mistakes. Yes, even the chefs. Even though we are more alert in the kitchen, something or the other goes wrong and the dish gets spoiled. The kitchen is a place for experiments, we all feel responsible for mistakes, and the good news is that we gradually learn and become a great cook.

Here are some culinary mistakes happens while cooking food we all make. Check out if you’ve made any such mistakes in the past.

  1. You rush through the cooking process

This is the most common blunder that happens to every cook. The problem usually occurs due to poor time management. As it takes long time to cook, do not start it very close to dinner time. And if you have experienced it you know how difficult it is to cook the dish and serve before everyone starts yelling that they are hungry. Rushed cooking is considered to be the first blunder on the list because everything gets spoiled with this one error- of not starting early, including a few burns on your fingers and having to eat either half cooked or burnt dish. So whenever you don’t have enough time to cook, don’t try extensive meals, instead go for an easy dish that takes less time.

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  1. Your ingredients aren’t gathered properly

Sometimes we may assume that even without gathering the ingredients before starting cooking, we can still get them during the process. This is what makes everything spoiled, like adding sugar in place of salt, or adding/forgetting that ingredient which could spoil a dish. Make sure your kitchen store is always stocked with ingredients and equipment you need. And before you start cooking, make sure to keep all your vegetables, spices and cutlery or utensils required closer to you.

  1. Your cooking pot/oil isn’t hot enough

This is another common kitchen blunder and it happens often when you are in a hurry. When you try frying fish or meat in oil which isn’t hot enough, you may end up with soggy fish or smeared meat. Hence you need to wait for the oil to shimmer and only then you’ve to add the meat or fish. It is good to add things to oil only when it has reached high smoking point. You can check for this by adding a small bit of whatever you’re cooking into the oil and the sizzle helps you know the oil is ready.

  1. Your pan is overcrowded


When your pan is overfilled, your dish will not be cooked evenly. You should be aware of the fact that food releases moisture while being cooked and an overcrowded pan traps the heat and creates steam. Hence it is always recommended to divide your cooking into batches if you’ve a whole lot. Though you may feel it strange to do so, the process will be quicker and the dish will taste better.

  1. Your food is too salty

Taste your food as you prepare. Be careful about adding the salty ingredients to the dish. Despite your careful monitoring, you might have made this mistake. Don’t be sad. Add few drops of vinegar or lime juice to balance the dish.


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