A bright smile: Showing a healthy set of teeth!

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Teeth are the most valued asset of a human body. It is the main component of a human’s face. A smile reflects the condition you are into. As a matter of fact, a good smile can win many hearts whereas a bad one can leave you in embarrassing situations. The structure of teeth varies from person to person. Some people have healthy and white teeth while others have unhealthy, uneven and decayed teeth. This is because for some people utmost care of the teeth is taken right from the childhood but for some it is not. A healthy set of teeth depends upon many factors like getting all the essential vitamins and minerals from healthy food, taking care of the milk teeth or primary teeth when the child grows up to the age of six and then at the time of eruption of permanent teeth up to the age of twenty five, keeping away from smoking, drinking alcohol or carbonated drinks, chewing tobacco etc.
Oral health is of utmost importance otherwise it can lead to various diseases like mouth cancer, stomach disorders, kidney failures, acidity etc. General awareness about oral health should be created right from the childhood so that people can keep themselves away from diseases caused due to unhealthy teeth.
The main source of getting required nutrients for the body is mouth because whatever you eat or drink goes to the stomach through the mouth. So, it is necessary to take care of your oral health and following the tips will help you get a bright smile and be a master of a healthy set of teeth:

  • Brush your teeth regularly on a daily basis. It is even recommended by dentists that you brush your teeth twice a day. Once while you get up from bed and then before you go to sleep.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after you eat. This will help you in removing the minute particles that stick in your mouth between the teeth.
  • Learn the correct way of brushing the teeth. If you do not know the correct way, then surf the internet to know the correct technique or learn it from any of your friend or family member or consult your dentist.
  • Take less amount of tooth paste on your toothbrush because toothpastes contain large quantity of fluorides which are responsible for discoloration of teeth.
  • Do not use mouth washes that are available over the counter since they have their own side effects. Only use the ones which are prescribed by the dentist.
  • With the advancement of technology and medical science, various surgical operations (also called as restorative dentistry) are now available all over the world to get rid of oral diseases like decayed tooth, misplaced teeth, under developed teeth, lost teeth etc. This technique is not painful and is easily affordable. All you need is to consult your dentist to know which technique suits you the best. You can even surf the internet or consult the people who have undergone such surgeries to know where such treatments are done, their price and their effectiveness.

Therefore, it can be said that if proper care of your oral health is not taken and proper treatment is not given at right time then the condition can get worse leaving you to face problems throughout the life.

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