Gokarna, A Magical Religious City & A Popular Beach Destination

Gokarna Hotels

Summary: Gokarna is a beautiful quaint city, situated in the state of Karnataka. It is a religious city where religion prevails all other aspects of the city. Meanwhile, the city is also popular for its long serene beaches which are amongst the best known beaches in India. Head to the city to explore various aspects of it and for accommodation choose from best Gokarna hotels.

Body: Gokarna, a small-quaint city located in the northern regions of Karnataka state, is one interesting destination for holidaying. It is interesting for the fact that it is here where two quite opposite aspects of tourism abide. If the city is highly popular for being one of the most religious sites on one part then on the other part it is a city with hippie, laid-back surrounding that has been growing prominence as a relaxed holiday destination.

Meanwhile, it is the religious aspect of the city that prevails all. There are two popular theories, rather religious beliefs on the name of the city. According to the more popular belief the city derives its name from the event that centuries ago the city was the site where lord Shiva was born out of the ears of a cow. The word Gokarna literally translates to cow’s ear. However, the other theory on how the city derived its name seems more logical. Apparently, the location of the city is at a place which is the confluence of Agnashinin and Gangavali rivers. The conflux forms a natural shape that resembles to a cow’s ear. Thus, came the name to the city.

At the meantime, Gokarna is a religious city and which gets pretty much apparent the moment one reaches the city. The surroundings of whole city are emerged in the pool of spirituality. Most of the denizens are Hindu and lord Shiva is the most ardently followed god. Additionally, there lingers another religious belief/legend in the city that is related to lord Shiva. The legend states that the city is the very place where Ravana was tricked to put Atmalinga, a powerful weapon, on the ground by lord Ganesha, so that Ravana will not be able to use it.

Atmalinga was a destructive weapon that lord Shiva endowed to Ravana giving him the strict advice to not to put the weapon on the ground. Since the weapon was stuck on the ground, Ravana was not able to pull the weapon out of the ground, and at the end broke the weapon into pieces which spread all across the region. These pieces then lead to the construction of several temples, which today are amongst the most revered temples in south India. These temples, apart from owning immense religious significance also own considerate tourism significance. They are important part of Gokarna tourism and almost every Gokarna tour package has the temples listed in its itineraries. Good thing is that there are number of Gokarna hotels that are in the vicinity to these temples.

Apart from the temples, the beaches are the next popular tourist sites in Gokarna. The city is popular for housing some of the best-magical beaches in the country. These beaches are tranquil and interestingly clean. They are perfect spots to take a break and spend some time relaxing. Kudle beach, Gokarna beach, and Om beach are the three most popular beaches in the city. These beaches have the conveniences of good connectivity. There are excellent roads connecting the city centre to the beaches. Additionally, some of the beaches also house cheap hotels/lodges which are amongst the best budget hotels in Gokarna. Simply, visit the city in next holiday and spend a vacation that is fun, relaxing, and exciting.

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