Sustainable tourism: Travel Destinations in Africa

Travel Destinations in Africa

South Africa is one of the major tourist destinations in the world. Every year a large number of people tour this country. It is a good destination for nature lovers. Right from historical attractions to urban destinations, this country has everything to attract tourists.

To those, who are in a rush to cover the exciting monuments and man-made beauty, South Africa may not be on their cards, but for all the inveterate travelers, this is the best destination to make their eyes wider in excitement while watching the beauty that was so far explained by only the poets of the greatest times.

Travelling doesn’t mean to take a quick look at the spots and capture the same in the camera lens. It is in fact a travel into the cultures, traditions and life style. South Africa is a place where one can explore the land filled with rich culture and tradition. That’s the reason why the world recognizes it as eco tourism country. Everything here is God made and preserved by Him. Man just prepared temporary resorts and huts in the thick woods, where one can stay and enjoy the beautiful nature without damaging the wild life, including the birds that chirp and a variety of fishes that swim in the clean water of the natural ponds.

Getting there

If you wish to enter this country and experience the bliss, book the tickets to Tambo International Airport, which is located outside Johannesburg. There are a number of international airways that run their services to Tambo, Capetown and Durban international airports. You can choose any one of the airports.

Getting around

Getting around isn’t a big task. You can get travel related information at any of the three airports mentioned above. Alternatively, you can also seek the help of tour operators. You can travel by road, rail and air in South Africa. One can also hire a taxi to get around the places. However, it is not advisable to hire a car if you are visiting the place for the first time.

Travel Destinations in Africa

Top destinations

Franklin Game Reserve: One can get the feel of being connected to the wild life at Franklin Game Reserve. You can see giraffes in large number amidst thick woods. It is located in Bloemfontein of Free State.

Moolmanshook Game Reserve: This is also located in Free State (a province in South Africa). This is an award winning tourist destination in the world. This is a plain surrounded by mountains. One can find zebra, black wild beast, blesbok, ostrich and 230 bird species here. It takes around four hours from Johannesburg by road to reach this place. One can try horse trails, hiking and fishing that are on offer here.

Eye of Kuruman: It is a natural spring that lies in the middle of Kalahari Desert. This water pool is surrounded by lush green plants and palm trees. One can reach here after six hours of road journey from Johannesburg.

Soweto: Your trip to South Africa is incomplete without hiring a local guide and touring the small township Soweto that is located to the south of Johannesburg. You can hire the local guide in Soweto. It is at this place that you get to see and mingle with native South African nationals. There are many museums and beautiful churches in this township. Please make sure that you don’t miss to stay in the eco friendly resorts and safari lodges.

There are only a few important must see cultural and wild-life destinations. South Africa has much more to offer. Also, don’t forget to explore all the urban art and craft destinations in this country.

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