Experience Tranquility And Truce in the Holy Town of Bagalkot


Bagalkot 2Head to the town on next vacation and pick from the best hotels in Bagalkot for your lodging.

Bagalkot is one of the major towns of North Karnataka. It is an old town that was ruled by numerous kings and rulers of different dynasties; rulers of Vijayanagara, Peshwas, Maratha kings, and Hyderali of Mysore in particular are the most-illustrated rulers of it. According to one of the legends, the place was gifted to local musicians called Bajantries by the demon king Ravana, who ruled the region in ancient times. There is another legend that states that a Bijapur king gifted the place as bangle money, which is money gifted to daughters who then use it to buy bangles, gold jewelry, sarees, etc., to his daughter. Consequently, the place came to be known as Bagdikot and later changed to Bagalkot. As the place was ruled by rulers of different religions and lineages, there are numerous old temples, mosques, and other religious shrines filling the place. This makes the place a chief religious site and a pilgrimage visited by thousands of people of different religion and region. It is a highly popular town in the state and a must-visit place. Tourists arrive here in search of solitude and a wonderful holiday experience, and the place does not disappoint.

Spoiling the tourists with a wide range of tourist attractions and offering the genuine south Indian hospitality at the best hotels in Bagalkot, the place offers a holidaying experience of a lifetime. It is best to visit the town in October to February as it is the time frame when the climate remains mild and most ideal for tourism. Apart from the historic monumental structures, the place is also full of several modern-day attractions. A couple of chief tourist attractions that you just cannot afford to miss include:

Badami Fort – It is a grand fort still exhibiting the might of the past rulers. Its location is about 2 k.m. away from the town and was built in 5th century by great ruler Pulikeshi II. Inside the fort exist two big temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. Both the temples are highly revered and pilgrims flock to them in large counts every year. The architecture of the temples is a treat to the eyes. They are adorned with beautiful sculptures and carvings based on Hindu mythology.

Agasthya Tirtha and Bhuthanatha Temples – Agasthya Tirtha is a beautiful lake that is considered to be auspicious. The lake’s water is believed to have healing powers that can cure some diseases. Set at the foot of enchanting hills, the whole scenic setting consisting of the lake, lush greenery surrounding it, and the serenity make the place a must visit. Near to the lake are ancient cave temples. They are called the temples of Bhuthanatha and are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Pattadakal – It is a small locality in Bagalkot district and about 29 k.m. from the main town. The place is an old site and popular as the old cultural capital during the rule of Chalukyas. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and most noted for its old and highly spiritual Hindu and Jain temples.

In a nutshell, full of interesting and unique tourist attractions Bagalkot is a must-visit destination in south India. Book your train or flight tickets well in advance, keep yourself updated with the train running status by doing Indian Railway time table check, and head to the wonderful town for a fun vacation.


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