4 Famous Breakfast Joints in Kolkata to Start a Wonderful Day

4 Famous breakfast joints in Kolkata to start a wonderful day

If you’re one of those who consider their breakfast to be the first best thing of the day, then Kolkata wouldn’t disappoint you. Famous for architectural marvels and its historic significance, the capital city of West Bengal is known for its great cuisine as well. With fantastic eating outlets offering lip smacking food; forget the usual bread, omlette, sprouts or cereals and welcome a delighting affair. Let’s check out the amazing breakfast options in Kolkata.

For many, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While traveling to a different place, many of us just throw away our eating habits and gulp down anything that comes in way. However, the scenario is quite different in Kolkata. Enjoying the benefits of a metro, there are few specific eating places which are known for their satiable breakfast menu. So is the popularity of these places, that you’d find people from all corners of the country visiting them. If you’re in for the same ride, you can easily find any of the Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai or Bangalore to Kolkata flights to reach the destination. Let’s take a look at some of these famous eateries in Kolkata, serving a delighting breakfast.

    1. Flury – Guaranteeing a perfect start to your day is the Flury’s restaurant. Situated on the Park Street, you can find the menu being served all day, which is good if you want to avoid the rush. Though famous for its bakery items, Flury’s menu also includes massive English breakfast with beans, eggs, toasts and a large glass of masala tea.
    2. Tiretti Bazaar – Something different from the league, the breakfast joints in Tiretti Bazaar are known for offering delicious Chinese breakfast. The reason being that the area was the first proper Chinatown in the country. Established by a Chinese businessman, Tong Achew, the place today is known as Achipur and a new area around the Park Circus is called as Chinatown instead. Though Achipur’s traditional Chinese restaurants are still known for preparing lip smacking and a very filling breakfast.
  1. Putiram – If you’re looking for a typical Bengali breakfast then head straight to Putiram. Surrounded with old fashioned household, this eating joints sees office goers and college students rushing to the place early in the morning for some Radhaballavi, Cholar Daland Kochuri Alur Dom.Located on the College Street, Putiram is also famous for its traditional sweets like gurer rosogolla and jilipi (jalebi). Thus, it is necessary to save some space in your tummy.
  2. Balwant Singh’s Eating House – Famous for its masala tea, Balwant’s Dhaba opens very early at 4 a.m. and soon starts seeing a continuous flow of customers. Serving customers from all social strata, this famous eatery is a famous meeting point for joggers and morning people. The tea is usually accompanied with freshly prepared mathris, samosas and nimki. The eatery also has its own specific product called the Doodh Cola, which also has its own Facebook page!

So, if you’re up for an exciting gastronomical ride, do check out these fantastic eatries along with various places to visit in Kolkata.


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