Convert PDF to JPG Easily and Quickly

If you are wondering how to convert a PDF to JPG then you have reached the right place here for detailed instructions on how to convert a PDF document to a JPG image. There are several software available in the market for the conversion and I will explain the one that I personally use. This software program is basically a file converter software, which helps in changing the format from PDF to JPG. This software programs helps in converting into other image formats which include BMP, TIF, and GIF and of course the JPG file as well. So, the conversion that seems difficult, can be made very much simple with the use of a file conversion software like the PDF to JPG Converter

Why use the PDF to JPG Converter software

With the use of this software, you can easily convert any PDF file to all the usual image formats in just one click. The converted files retain original formats and look the same as the original PDF format. Plus you have a number of benefits to enjoy with this software converter like saving time and doing things with great ease and comfort.


The PDF to JPG converter software is available on at and at company’s website at

It Supports Conversion of Password Protected PDF Files

If you are worrying about converting a password protected PDF filethen you don’t need to because PDF to JPG converter can even read and convert the password protected PDF files. The user can enter the password for the PDF file when it is added for the process of conversion.


Select between the Color and the Black & White image format

PDF to JPG Converter supports conversion to the colors or the Black & White image. The B & W image has limited amount of colors but is seen having significantlyless file size.

It converts as number of PDF files you want

The PDF to JPG Converter software can helps in converting as many PDF files in just one click. There are number of PDF files that can be added to this software program and all the PDF files in one folder of your choice. This simply saves loads of time rather converting PDF files one by one.


Choose the Resolution (DPI) of the your image file

The PDF to JPG converter supports Dots per Inch (DPI) settings for the image file. The higher the DPI, the higher would be the resolution of converted image file. The higher the resolution the better would be the quality and file size

Choose the Output folder for saving a number of converted files

The PDF to JPG converter software can help in choosing a specific folder of your choice for saving your desired converted files. Otherwise on the default side, the converted files are simply saved over the same folder over the input PDF files. A detailed video tutorial of the software is available at

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