How to Properly Clean Electronic Gadgets Without Causing Damage

Dust is the biggest enemy of your electronic gadgets. As dust begins to settle and then thickens,
it can block vital components such as the fan in laptops, for example. When this happens, it can
lead to overheating and possibly damage your gadget.
It’s always a thrill to buy a new device. However, when you start seeing spots, fingerprints, dirt
and other gunk, it can be quite a hassle to clean. No matter how much you hate it, cleaning is
something you must do to maintain and keep your devices working efficiently.
If you’d rather spend your time somewhere else, you can always hire a cleaning service to do
the cleaning for you. They have the tools, equipment, and know how to clean your devices
But if you want to do it yourself, don’t make the dirt much worse and follow these tips in
cleaning your electronic gadgets efficiently:

1. Use quality microfiber cloths
Microfiber cloths are a great cleaning item that you can buy at any store. But make sure to buy
good quality cleaning cloths, and those with fabric that won’t cause scratches over glass. Look
for microfiber cloths that are made specifically for smartphones, television sets, etc.
When you dust a screen using a microfiber cloth, start from the top, then work going down to
the bottom.
2. Only use water on display
Most manufacturers of electronics recommend that you don’t clean displays using chemicals,
especially tablets and smartphones.
Devices with touchscreens are treated with chemicals that work with the natural oils of your
fingers. These will wear off with time, and the use of abrasive chemicals in cleaners will
accelerate the process.
To clean your tablet and phone displays, use a cloth lightly moistened with water. With a slight
pressure, wipe to remove dust and spots from your device. After you’re done using the
dampened cloth, use another dry cloth to wipe anything left behind on the display.
3. Avoid cream cleaners
As much as possible, don’t use cream cleaners as not all work the same. Before you buy any,
pay attention to the label, and make certain that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that
can damage your device.
If you’re uncertain about what cleaning cream to use, it’s best to only use water for cleaning.
Avoid cream cleaners altogether as they may eliminate the original shine of your device.
4. Use toothpicks carefully
The thin and pointy structure of a toothpick is great for cleaning USB ports.
Use a toothpick to carefully remove the dirt and lint stuck in hard-to-reach corners. Just
remember to be extra cautious when cleaning ports to avoid damaging the connectors.
5. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions
All electronic devices come with a manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean them. Always
follow what is written in the instruction manual as the OEM knows best what cleaning tools are
safe to use on your device.
6. Invest in a can of compressed air
The keyboards of your laptop and computer will be a real challenge to clean. However, it’s
something you need to do to remove all those cookie crumbs and other bits that got stuck
inside and accumulated. The wise thing to do is to buy a can of compressed air as it will do an
excellent job getting bits out through high pressure.
Remember to never spray any chemical on your keyboard. If a can of compressed air isn’t
available, simply grab a tape, then use the sticky side to slide in between the keys.

7. Never spray a cleaner directly on a screen
When you spray a cleaner directly onto a screen, you will inevitably end up spraying on too
much, and cause it to drip over your electronic gadget. Instead, spray a small amount of cleaner
onto your cleaning cloth then wipe the screen in a circular motion. Make sure to never use
paper towels on your screen as they can pit and scratch the surface.
Use cloths that are specially made for that type of screen. After every use, handwash these
cloths and dry them up completely to prevent other laundry dirt from sticking and damaging
your screen.

8. Minimize spill damage
Although you are quite careful to never allow any food or drink near your electronics, spills can
still happen. If you spill something near a device, the first thing you should do is to minimize the
 Turn off and unplug the electronic device immediately.
 Wipe as much of the spill as possible and prevent it from spreading.
 After wiping as much as you can, examine the damage.
 If a small amount of spill seeped into your device, let it dry out or remove the cover to
wipe the inside.
Be aware that your warranty may be voided if you remove the cover of your device. If your
warranty is still active, it’s best to call in a professional for help to avoid causing further damage
to your electronic device.
Things to keep in mind when cleaning electronic gadgets:
 Never clean a screen or display using alcohol or any abrasive chemical.
 Never dismantle a device unless you have professional knowledge about what you’re
 Never attempt to clean a device when it’s still connected to a socket.
 Never use cotton swabs to clean connectors, ports or anywhere it can get stuck.
 Never expose your electronics to water; only when you’re cleaning with a moistened

As much as you love using your electronic gadgets, you should never neglect cleaning them.
After all, cleaning is much cheaper than replacing your device with a new one because of
damage. For extra protection, have regular pest control done to prevent rodents and other
vermin from damaging your electronic items at home.
Rania Bellos launched Dust Busters Cleaning Services with the help and support of her husband
after spending 15 years working in the banking and finance industry in France, Lebanon and the
UAE. She welcomes the daily challenges and exciting opportunities provided by the highly
competitive residential and commercial cleaning services market.

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