Mobile App to Help Women Sensing Danger

Due to the ‘popularity’ of the recent Delhi rape case of a twenty-three year old girl, there is a flurry of tips, advices and things that have been released on the internet in order to help out women. These tips and advices prepare them and make them more alert so that they won’t become rape victims. One such latest release would be a mobile application called ‘Fight Back’ which helps women sensing danger to arrange for help.

What is Fight Back?

Today, we live in an era where smartphones and the internet go hand in hand. Therefore, in such a scenario, the best way to protect women and girls would be through an app like Fight Back because people are very much attached to their smart phones. Fight back is indeed a very good app that allows women in danger to alert their friends and family members at the touch of a button. CanvasM, a provider or value added services for mobiles is responsible for creating this app.

What does the mobile app do?

Fight back is a very intelligent app in the sense that it can track the location of the user or the girl and immediately send SOS messages in case the user is stuck in an emergency situation. The CEO of the company CanvasM revealed that the primary objective behind the launch of this mobile app is to allow women to feel safe, especially during this critical time when the Delhi rape case is still fresh on people’s minds. The app is very useful because all the girl or the user has to do is to press the panic button when they sense danger and the rest of the work would be done by the app, i.e. tracking the current location and alerting the right people.

Future plans of the developer

CanvasM is planning to take the app, Fight Back to a whole new level by integrating a feature into it that would enable the police officers in Delhi to get a carbon copy of the SOS message sent out by girls sensing danger in Delhi. According to the creators, this would enable the Delhi Police to take immediate action. While the app, Fight Back is completely free for individuals belonging to the Delhi-NCR area, for others in India, a meager subscription fee of just Rs 100 would be required annually.

The CEO of CanvasM has also revealed that they are in the process of creating a non-app version of Fight Back, i.e. an SMS-based application which can be used by individuals who do not own a smartphone. The popularity of Fight Back is certainly soaring high because there has been about four thousand downloads so far. The CEO wants the product to reach out to more people and hence the company would engage in activities to promote the awareness of Fight Back to more people.

Conclusion: Fight back is a very nifty app that can change history because it aims at helping girls sensing danger to send out SOS messages to obtain help. This is a very unique app and considering the fact that it is free of cost for Delhi individuals and for others there is a nominal fee, it is well worth it.

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