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When it comes to treating your walls with a touch of perfection, there are hardly any good options available. People usually end up covering their walls with the most outdated wall papers or paints which should not be the case. You can bring out a whole new look from just a wall if you make good use of researching tools and your aesthetic sense. Much like paint jobs, window treatment or flooring wall treatments require a bit of patience and a lot of creativity to get hold of what you actually want to achieve. Trust me, you don’t really have to follow some particular set of rules, all you need is sound research and the right kind of help that would actually make your walls look like a masterpiece.

Where to start?

When you’ve finally decided to treat your walls like a canvas where you can do whatever you want to transform the entire look of your room, you should start off with the following rules:
1. Research, research, research! Yes before you start scratching off paint from your walls without having any theme or design in mind, look for ideas over the internet or décor magazines.

  1. Seek for help if you don’t think you can get the job done on your own.
  2. Look out for any bad signs on your walls like, mold or seepage. These disastrous signs can actually ruin your entire wall treatment, even before you fully enjoy its beauty.
  3. Before you cover your entire wall with something that might not look like what you imagined, test on a small area with something temporary.
  4. Be a little particular with the entire theme of your room so that the wall does not look out of place or a part of another room.

Ideas to

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  1. Make it Fun:

If you’re willing to get a little creative and take some vibrant risks then all you need is some perfect colors and a creative mind. Give your wall a personalized touch by painting something you’ve always wanted to see on your walls or something that has inspired you so much you want to see it every day. Mostly such ideas work perfect for your own bedroom, for this is the place you are free to experiment at. Make a focal wall and turn it into your literal canvas with some fun colors and patterns, designs or even writings, whatever you want. Remember the days, when your mom won’t let you scribble or paint on walls? Now is your time to get that artist out and play with colors.

  1. Wooden Details:

Wood has a natural ability to turn boring into classy and elegant. An entire wooden wall or just some wooden details can look impeccable in a living room with a rustic or charismatic theme. Recently, wood has come back in vogue and is making every wall look wonderfully treated with wood.

  1. Living and Growing:

For areas where you want to create a fengshui feel and need an organic charm, living walls are something to give you just that. You can use some professional help and build a wall that has life on it. Perfect place to meditate and/or do anything you want; depending on where you have this planted wall. However, such walls require special care and maintenance so thing thrice before you decide to have one such wall in your sweet home.

  1. Cover it all:

One of the best and most preferred way to bring out something new out of your plain and boring walls is to cover them up with a wallpaper. There is a lot of attention been given to wall treatments and you can now have endless options to choose from. Don’t go with something outdated and just too predictable that it simply ruins the entire look of your space.

These are just some basic tips and ideas to treat your walls without ruining them. You can come up with something on your own, just make sure it somehow reflects your own personality and taste.

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