Tiny Apartment: 7 Ways to Maximize Your Living Room Space


If space is just unlimited and does not cost much, people might be living in big houses all the time. However, the sad reality is that real estate prices are going higher. The best we can do is to organize our areas at home, make it appear large and live comfortably. In this article, we will specifically talk about ways on how to maximize your living room space.

  1. Do Away With Clutter

A small space should be free from clutter, else the living area would look like a complete mess. It’s not a storage room or inventory room for all things that you are not using anymore. Neither is it a display area where all your dirty secrets should be exposed. Keeping your most essential belongings that would look neat and organized to guests and yourself is ideal. Clean your living room regularly and if possible, put a trash can in one corner so it will be easy to put the trash away.

  1. Buy Multipurpose Furniture

There are a lot of furniture now being sold that have dual purpose and some even multipurpose. Remember, if you are living in a small condo unit, you have to make everything in its place and order and try to get stuff that serves not only one purpose. For instance, you can get a stool that can also be used as a small table or a side table that can also be used as an extra seating. It is suggested to buy a center table with extensions and has room for inside storage. Getting a sofa bed with quality mattress instead of just a plain sofa is also great.

  1. Arrange Items Vertically

Since space is an issue, you should think vertically. Use the height of the ceiling as an advantage for storing your things. When shopping for furniture, it will be best to get taller ones that can enhance the feeling of spaciousness. A tall bookcase is good to place office supplies, DIY home supplies, etc. Read more about 

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  1. Get Foldable Furniture

If not multipurpose, foldable furniture is also a smart solution you should invest in. There should not be many items occupying your living room space all at time when you have a small apartment. To make the ambiance feel less crowded, pieces that can be folded and tucked away when not in use should do the trick.

  1. Transform to Dining Room

Living alone spells freedom. The living room area is not meant to only be the space to entertain guests. If you do not have company or having only a few friends come over, why not transform your living room to the dining room? Some small apartments do not have enough space for a separate dining area apart from the kitchen. You can have a foldable table and carry it everywhere around the house and use it even as a dining table.

  1. Skip Curtains

Most curtains are quite bulky and provide a dark theme to the house, making the space appear gloomy. To maximize the space, it’s better to leave your windows without drapes and make them uncovered. Seeing natural lighting will trick your eyes to see that your pad is bigger.

  1. Paint the Ceiling White

It may be common knowledge by now that mirrors give the illusion that you have more space in your home. Another way to create the appeal of depth is to paint the ceiling white. White and any light color draws attention to upward scale so you would not be centering only on horizontal but also upwards.


Streamlining your living room requires you to become creative and imaginative with the pieces you put in. Proper arrangement is important as well as setting a smart perspective. In time, you can maximize the space of your living room and make it appear larger.

Author Bio:

Yyanna Reema Marquez is a part-time writer based in Manila, Philippines. A Sales Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company, she loves to eat ice cream and watch basketball games. Connect with her onTwitter and  Google+ .



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