How to Enhance Your Garden With Trellises

One of the first things that your visitors will notice when they visit your home is your garden. There are many ways to enhance your garden, including a garden trellis. Because garden trellises are designed for the outdoors, they are typically made of cast iron or wood. A garden trellis is used as decoration in your garden. Additionally, trellises act as a support system for a variety of climbing plants, including honeysuckle, clematis, morning glories and climbing roses.

Trellis Shapes and Designs

There are many options when it comes to a garden trellis. Some of the most common designs are listed below.

* Moon Arc Trellis

* Garden Arbor

* Cedar Screens

* Copper Top Pyramid Trellis

Trellises come in a variety of sizes. They can be tall and skin or short and wide. Some trellises are so large that you can walk under them and enjoy the sights, sounds and fragrances of nature. In addition to standard shapes, there are trellises in a diamond or V shape. A trellis in the garden allows you to embrace your creativity and design a unique garden space. You are, of course, free to come up with any ideas, besides the ones I will present here. But bear in mind that bigger projects will demand a larger budget, more time and tools and machines like a mini digger or excavator. Before you start with your project, make sure you consult with a professional or with a plant trader that will rent you used plant machinery you will need for the work around the garden.

Pole Style Trellis

Did you know that you can install a pole and use it as a trellis in your garden? Climbing plants will use this to support themselves. To enhance the pole, you can add a decorative embellishment to the top of the pole. Another option is to install three or four trellises against an exterior wall. When your climbers bloom, it will look lie a beautiful peacock spreading its tail feathers.

Grape Trellis

The grape trellis is used to support grapevines in the garden. This trellis is designed to allow you to grow grapes in a small area. A grape trellis will help increase your yield. This type of harvest allows you to easily harvest your grapes, which prevents you from disturbing the main stem of the grape vine.

Wooden Trellis

Wooden trellises can incorporate a bench where you can sit and read a book surrounded by beautiful fragrant plants.  Wooden trellises can be used to support a climbing tree laden with fruits. Imagine reading a book and reaching up and grabbing a deliciously ripe fruit.

A Trellis to Divide Your Garden

Trellises can be used to separate the different sections in your garden. For example, you can use a trellis to separate your kitchen herb garden from your flower garden. If done properly, a divider trellis can enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Homemade Trellises

You can make your own trellis by using items that are lying around your property.

Do you have an old ladder that you do not use? You can use it in your garden to support your climbing plants. Climbing plants will wrap around the risers and legs of the ladder. In addition to using an old ladder, you can use a piece of old furniture as a trellis.

You can create a tepee trellis by tying three poles together. This will allow three plants to climb up the poles to create a three-dimensional living area.

If you love tennis, why not grab and old tennis racket and incorporate it into your garden design? Place a tennis racket in a pot, fill the pot with potting soil and allow your vine to climb the tennis racket.

All of these homemade trellis ideas will save you money, allow you to repurpose old stuff in and around your home and create a garden oasis.

Create your outdoor space with a trellis. By adding a trellis to your garden you can create a living upright garden to delight your visitors and guests.

Daniel Quinn contributed this article, with the valuable advice given by plant traders SJH-All Plant Group, who rent and sell used plant machinery in the UK.


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