Bengaluru Realty tops the best practices ranking

Bangalore, having been known as the Palo Alto of India, this southern city of the country, with ravishingly quaint weather, has been attracting young minds from all over the country for years now. Competing its position with other metros, Bengaluru has always had on an upper hand for its unique ambience and the Kannadiga hospitality.

When a certain somebody spends some time in a city, they become a part of the metropolis and having had the opportunity to earn their fortune, wishes to hold ground base and make a home for themselves. This is a catalyst which works not just for Bengaluru but for all other big cities where youngsters flock to study and have their dream jobs. Specific to Namma Bangalore, it’s the weather and the way the city has grown with the increasing population that encourages prospective home buyers to make this garden city their abode.

Apart from being a charming haven with pristine weather, what other factors worked to make it a mega hub of realty? When a 30-something individual who has worked hard and before which studied hard to get that job, decides to invest his hard-earned savings to make a home for himself, he/she would want all details to be in expected order. What are they looking for in these details? They want to make sure that the all regulations, safety, paper work, materials used, suitability of land, is in place. Read more on architekturvisualisierung

Days when prospective buyers would be scared of buying properties for a deal they like, because they are afraid of it being a scam are long gone. Developers like Prestige, Brigade, Sobha and Adarsh have made a mark on Bengaluru’s development in the past decade and these are the brands the market identifies as reliable and transparent.

This survey initiated by a group of researchers and allies to tomorrow’s new homeowners, a group named track2realty, has accredited the developers among 100 odd known names in the country. Most importantly the survey took data input form candidates who are already a customers of these developers.

The topics on which the companies were ranked are transparent deals, customer connect, communication and care.

As the above-mentioned parameters suggest, the ability of the winning few to connect, communicate and take care of its customers put them on a higher pedestal when in came to customer satisfaction and long-term reliability.

The seat from which the market witnesses this survey, experts have nothing but praise for the organisers for introducing the basics of rudimentary customer service in an industry that is a part of a mundane rodent race to be a profitable part of the economy.

Citing as an example the 4BHK villas near Yelahanka which have been prime real estate in the market, provide its buyers a 100% up-to-date information on a daily basis on the development of their homes. A personal relationship officer is appointed for each buyer, to make sure all certification granted to the project is explained and all documentation is kept as per requirement. As quoted by a now resident, the work of a developer does not end when the keys are hand over to the owners. As a matter of fact, a responsibility of a developer never ends for the members of their hosting society. Starting from repairs, security to conflict resolution, all and any grievances are handled with expertise, hence making the living experience, everything but a regret.

Such things prove it time and again that such customer service components should be made a necessity by governing bodies to make ownership experience less hassling for a common man dreaming to own his dream apartment villa one day.


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