Artificial Intelligence and Humans : Danger

Artificial Intelligence commonly known as AI is just gearing up to disrupt our planet. With smart machines helping high eng procedures including thinking, learning, perceiving, problem-solving and making decisions backed with advancements taking place in data collection, analytics, computer processing power, and aggression, AI offers a number of opportunities to extend human intelligence and make people’s life and work rich. On the other hand, we see several thinkers and scientists have warned people about the ‘technological singularity’. Talking about the technological singularity, it talks about the belief which helps ordinary humans would one day be overtaken by the artificially intelligent machines.

Understanding AI

When it comes to AI, it is a technology, which takes loads of info from a certain domain and then employs the same in making a decision for offering service of any particular objective. For instance, AI technology can be easily used to analyze loan repayment histories of anyone to decide whether to offer an individual loan or decision to boost up the profit for the lender.

How Artificial Intelligence be a threat to humanity?

The AI machines can be called as a machine like any other human being when it comes to their capacities for things like action and decision. One cannot be compared to any other machine as the degree of freedom, which AI technologies seem to come along with more complexity. AI can be called as an attempt to reproduce super intelligent humans. It chooses one of the vital aspects of a man like intelligence and then it has the capacity of artificially magnifying the same to the extent, which allows the machine to do a number of things much better than humans can.

Also, AI is linked with superlative memory and things like high speeds of action, high-end decision-making capacity, and many more things.  These machines can offer super-beings and make society filled with a number of super-beings like a recipe for disaster. The AI Machines are a mirror or our desire for immortality and the absence of human weaknesses. A majority of the AI has not been used to get away from poverty when it comes to equitable distribution of wealth or to make people happier and satisfied with the things they have. Rather they are dictated by revenues for the company, which makes them.

Wrapping up

It is commonly believed that purely intelligent creatures whether people or machines can prove bad for humanity. However, on the other hand, AI is certainly not eyeing over destroying humanity. Whether one uses the IA to augment itself or to create any new specialty and destroy lives, what you get at the end of the day is to built up entirely a different hand at least for now. Regardless of the theatres, the AI poses for humanity, it is obvious that there is no slowing down of the progress pace. Irrespective of the number of things one can come out against the IA, there is no other way to stop the advancement. The fact is whether AI is bad or good is our own perspective.

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