Why should you not buy Chinese products?

As the festive time approaches, people gear up for their shopping. Come Diwali or Holi, people end up buying a number of products including buying crackers for Diwali, etc. One of the visible option people tend to find these days are the products made up from China. These appear to be okay in terms of quality and available at low cost. Despite enjoying these small time benefits, one can have a number of reasons not to buy the Chinese products. Well, how about checking them as under:[sociallinkz]
China Adopts Unfair Trade Practises

As per reports, the Chinese call the market as trade war wherein unfair trade practises like lying, stealing and cheating should be part and parcel of their day to day business. China is known to sell out their products at the cost of one tenth of the cost, which developed nations sell. This means they cheat monumentally to the developed nation in a big way. The irony with China is that the country has been the part of WTO since 2001 and has promised to stop cheating in order to remain fair in business, however, they didn’t keep their word and are seen indulged in a number of unfair practises, which include illegal export subsidies, currency manipulation, worker abuse, etc. In fact, China has been using the same as weapons in the market to meet their ends.  The country has gone one step further networking corrupt and backward countries like Pakistan and training them as well to tread their path.


Piracy – The Integral Part of Chinese Business Practises

One of the key reasons not to shop the Chinese products is the menace called Piracy. The country cares the damn for issues like piracy in terms of ideas and products. They do not mind stealing the data from other places via government departments and personal file by hacking and getting into infringement to squeeze out the data and designs from European market and other places. They do not mind with activities like stealing the data from university along with sending viruses and malicious programs, which help them to steal the information, which they use to produce a number of products on the ideas and designs of others.

Other Reasons

In fact, you can find a number of other reasons why you should not buy Chinese products. One such reason is the low wages, the Chinese companies pay to their workforce at different levels. This simply means they simply allow their millions of workers live under poverty line hampering one and all to dire state, which is hard to digest in a market of clean practises particularly witnessed in the developed nations. And as said before, the country does not follow any norms in business forget about conforming the environmental rules, which endanger the human life.

Wrapping up

Considering all these reasons, no country including Indian government promote the Chinese products in the market. So, if you really do not want to go for a ride for the corrupt products then opting out their products is decent preposition. Our Government should take action on these types of products by increasing excise duty/import duty by 200%. As the billing from China are under billings. So that our country should not loose excise revenue and our local manufacturers would be in a position to compete their products as per quality and price wise. Our Government have to promote Indian products not other country products that will help to decrease the unemployment in India.

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