A Beginner’s Guide For Buying A Mobile Phone Plan

How long have you been on your current mobile phone plan?

Ever since I bought the new phone!

Do you know that you might be paying a price for this loyalty?


Yes! You read it right. A survey conducted in 2016 showed that about half of the subscribers who changed their mobile phone plan within a year saw a considerable reduction in their monthly bill. This is apart from the much better and reliable services than the old provider.

This is because many new mobile network companies have been rapidly emerging in the market lately, thanks to the rapidly increasing mobile phone users that have caused a boom in mobile phone industry. In an attempt to provide faster, reliable and overall better services than their competitors, companies have been coming up with some wonderful and affordable plans. All you need to have is some knowledge about what to look for in a good mobile phone plan.

Features of a Good Mobile Phone Plan

Following are some of the key features that distinguish a good and reliable mobile phone plan from others:

·         Good Performance (Of course!)

This one is the most obvious and the most needed feature. No mobile phone user will ever intentionally want to go for a plan that he/she knows does not work well.

·         Flexibility

A good mobile phone plan is one that offers multiple flexible buying options so that consumers can choose the one that best suits him/her. For example, it should not force you to buy a 2 or 5GB plan when you need to buy 1 GB of data only.

·         Good Price

Do not expect to get a good mobile phone plan at a very cheap price. But, it shouldn’t be too high either. The price should be competitive and should justify the amount and quality of services offered.

·         Varieties of Mobile Phone to Choose From

Rather than limiting you to choose from only a couple of mobile phones, a good company offers a range of devices, from the basic to the latest most advanced ones, to consumers so that everyone can buy according to his/her requirements.

·         Great Customer Service

This is important too because you will be dealing with customer service representatives quite often. Not only should the representatives have detailed knowledge about their services, they should also be professional, and responsive to the complaints and queries.

Things to Do Before Buying a Plan

Before you actually go for buying a mobile phone plan, make sure you at least do the following:

·         Check the Coverage

While service provider do provide the information related to coverage on their websites, doing your own research is better than simply relying on what’s written on the website. This is important because certain factors, such as constructions, trees, etc, could affect the signal strength.

There are certain apps and websites that give information and user reviews regarding the signal strength and coverage area of a service provider. Also, ask your friends, family and acquaintances to know about a particular company’s performance.

·         Compare Different Plans

Shortlist and compare the best mobile phone plans to know which one is providing the best overall package.

This includes comparing each and every feature of the plan.

Important: Do ask the customer service representative complete details before finalizing a plan. You may need to ask several questions to make sure if the plan is consistent with your needs.

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