A Profound Analysis Of Split PST Software

Split PST version 4.1 by MS Outlook Tools is one of its latest flagships of the year 2014. Hence, its review is being presented here so as to get a deep insight into the services it renders in splitting the large sized Windows Outlook Personal Folders, more popularly known as PST files. Moreover, by means of the review an attempt has also been made to recognize and acknowledge as how well it splits PST file according to various demands of several users. The review is an endeavor to describe the key features and characteristics of the tool in detail so that it becomes easy for users to make purchase and utilize it for dividing PST files.

Highlights of the Tool’s Various Services

Version 4.1 of Split PST software utility renders several amenities that are both advanced and enhanced as compared to the earlier release of the application. This section of the review highlights some of its most important features that assist the application in splitting PST files that are of extremely large size and in turn poses threat to its existence and the data items stored within it.

  • Application can divide PST file of large size into smaller equal sized files.
  • Utility possesses ability to divide by Date, Size, Year and Folder too.
  • Can split all PST data i.e. emails, contacts, calendars or any other item.
  • Does not pose any threat to data stored within the Outlook data files.
  • No restriction is imposed on type of PST files being split; Unicode or ANSI.
  • Outlook should be installed and configured for splitting of PST files.
  • Tool supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook mail program including 2013.
  • Damaged MS Outlook PST files should be to be repaired before splitting.
  • Supports all versions of Windows including the latest i.e. Windows 8.

Comment – From the features that have been highlighted in the above section, it can be concluded that the third party external application has been developed with all basic features as well as vital characteristics. The tool has been able to maintain all the fundamental requirements that are indispensable for such software.

Tool’s Characteristic in Detail

Some of the main characteristics of the software are explained in detail with screenshots of the tool’s working.

1.Option to Select PST Type – The tool supports both types of PST files that are Unicode and PST. Therefore, it provides option to choose Outlook format at the very beginning of the execution process. Any one of the format amongst Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002 and Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010 can be selected. Once, the version of MS Outlook is specified, software automatically detects the format of PST file. The figure below shows the options.

Untitled2.Several Options to Split PST File – As shown in the figure below, it is clear that the application provides four different options to divide Outlook data file that are Split by Size, Split By Date, Split By Year and Split by Folder. Any one of them can be selected by clicking on the boxes provided beside each option. It is also clear from the interface that the tool can divide files in sizes from 5 MB up to 10 GB.


Note – This feature shows that the software provides four advantageous and advanced options to split the Outlook data file. This makes the tool highly useful for users who want to divide Personal Folders of Outlook.

3.Makes New Folder to Save Divided PST – After splitting it is possible to save the PST files to any location of user’s choice. Also, if required, a new folder can be created directly from the PST split software pane and the files can be stored into it. The CSV file report gets saved at the same location by default.

Untitled24.Shows Completion of Splitting Process – At the end of the splitting process, a pop up comes up on the screen with the message: ‘The splitting process is completed.’ It shows that the large sized PST file has been split up successfully.


Tool’s System Requirements

  • Free Space in Hard Disk: 10 Mega Bytes
  • Processor: 1GHz; though 2.4 GHz is recommended
  • RAM: 512 Mega Bytes; however 1GB is recommended
  • Support: Windows 8.1 and all below versions

CommentThe requirements such as space in hard drive, frequency of processor, Random Access Memory and all Windows edition of the PST split software mentioned here shows that the essential system necessities are minimal. Such minimum requirements are available on almost all machines. Therefore, users need not worry about the installation and execution of the software. However, the application has certain pre-requisites and they are as follows:


  • MS Outlook should be installed and configured properly with an email account but the mail program should not be configured with Exchange Server.
  • If the operating system is Window 8, 8.1, 7 or Vista, then the tool should be launched as ‘Run as Administrator’.

Winding up the Tool’s Review

Almost all the key features of the Split PST version 4.1 have been explained in detail by means of the review. From the characteristics illustrated, it can be concluded that the Split PST File application leaves no stone unturned in correctly dividing the PST file as per want of users. Also, the tool does not pose any threat to the machine on which it is installed. This is because it is well protected by two strong anti-malwares that are Norton by Symantec and McAfee SECURE. The cost is also feasible as it is available just for 49$ that does not amount to be much and also that its free version is obtainable that can be used to check the working and functionality of the tool before actually making purchase.

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