2014: Predicting The Future Of Technology

Most Amazing Technology Predictions In 2014

Predicting the future of technology seems to be a hard nut to crack especially when we see things (technology) changing with lighting speed. Ideas and concepts concept come and die down as you see something new is coming up. That’s the specialty of the modern day world. Despite all the odd, we have experts, thinkers and analysts who have embarked with their own set of predictions in the technology domain for the year 2014. How about exploring some of the most amazing technology predictions coming in the year 2014 in terms of newer concepts and the way the technology giants are going to come up in this year and so forth. Let’s check them out: 

The Cloud becomes personal

The consumers are seen increasingly moving their content from their various computing devices into cloud storage owing to their growing security concerns. This has simply made the security aspect a popular solution, which in return has simply prompted the increased activity within the personal cloud space. Now you can find good amount of players offering network attached storage (NAS) drives that simply plug into the home network through Gigabit Ethernet and are seen available for the one-off payment that enabled the consumers to store the content over the NAS rather than accessing it through the third party connection. In the same way, Microsoft too has embarked with an integrated support for its cloud storage platform – SkyDrive over its new product called Xbox One. This has thereofore added a SkyDrive application, which simply end up creating a personal cloud for video and photos. Thus this current year of 2014 would make cloud very much personal for the users all across the world.

3D Printing solutions to surge

Though the 3D printers are still seen at relatively low levels but as per expects, there is a significant surge in the past 12 months and different players are gearing up to cater this need. As per the reports, HP has made promises to its users to come up with high quality industrial grade 3D printers in 2014. Similarly, Microsoft and Samsung understand the real potentials of three dimensional printing. Surprisingly groups like GE investment has put its money in 3D printing in order to create fuel nozzles for the jet engines in order to help Motorola for making a number of a number of smartphone parts employing the 3D technology.  In this way, different players are seen working hard to compete with each other to dominate in this domain catering the best 3D printing solutions in the year 2014.

The surge of tablets and smartphones in Educational sector

The tablets and smartphone devices are likely to flourish in educational setups, which was not the case earlier. As per reports, Apple was seen embarking with custom iPads suitable for schools and educational sector and has provided these devices to more than 40 different schools all over the LA based schools in the mid of 2013.  These iPads were seen having educational software installed in them with the required level restrictions applied over it in order to make the table computing in the schools to turn out to be a mainstream. Google too is seen entering this domain with its product called Google Play for Education especially designed for the k-12 schools. So in the year of 2014, you are likely to see the devices like tablets and smartphones dominating in the education sector.

This year belong to Wearable devices

The year 2014 would be the year for wearable devices both in terms of market traction and roll outs.  You can find a number of seasoned players like Google, Apple, Sony and Apple along with a handful of novices like HTC, Qualcomm, Asus and Dell too coming up with a number of wearable devices. Though there are certain legal and social barriers attached to these wearable devices, however, the companies are smart in dealing with them and are therefore seen coming up with the best wearable solutions for all.

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