Internet vs. World Wide Web: Is they are dependents with each other?

Internet vs. World Wide Web

To answer this question, you need to understand both internet and World Wide Web or WWW. They may sound and seen interchangeable at most of the junctures but the fact is these are two different things. In certain ways, you may call these two terms as the two sides of the same coin though, but the difference between the two is very much visible, which we will exploring in this post. So, if you live in the same old world when you find these two terms as synonyms then better get rid of your slumber and see things clearly as discussed in the following paragraphs:     

What is internet?

Let’s understand its definition. As per experts, internet can be called as a gigantic network of countless networks, which in plain terms a massive size networking infrastructure. It comprises of millions of groups and companies working together all over the globe, which forms a network which makes any computer device (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc) to communicate or interact with the other as long as you see the two machines being connected to the internet. The information or data that transacts between the two computing devices goes through a number of languages called as protocol.

What is World Wide Web or Web?

Call it web, WWW or World Wide Web; it is the option of accessing different information or details through the medium called internet. It is basically an information sharing format, which is built over the foundation of internet. The WWW uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer (or Transport) Protocol) protocol, which is the only one language used over the internet to move data from one point (computer) to the other. There are different types of web services that employ HTTP in order to allow different apps to communicate to carry out the business logic exchange and thus use the web in order to share different information. Also, you can see the web employing certain browsers like IE, Chrome or Firefox to access a number of web documents commonly known as web pages, which are hooked to each other through hyperlinks.

These web pages carry a number of stuff like graphics, text, videos, sounds and images. Hence it would be wise to say that the web is one of the best ways in which data or information can be dispersed over the internet. Also, the internet (and not the web) is used for emails, which work on Usenet news groups, SMTP, FTP and instant messaging. Hence web can be just called as a small chunk of internet, which is indeed a big thing, but make sure these two terms are not synonymous to each other and shouldn’t be confused.

Internet vs. World Wide Web: Is they are dependents with each other

To be very specific, it’s the web, which depends over the internet. As discussed above, the web is just one of the parts of internet, hence it has to rely more over the internet and not the vice-versa. The web can therefore be called as the tool to carry out a number of things over the internet, so talking in terms of functions, they may be relevant to each other but we cannot called it sheer dependency to each other.


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