Video Ads: The Real Challenge for Facebook Is yet To Come

The Real Challenge for Facebook Is yet To Come

Facebook is coming out with video ads within the regular news feed somewhere around the beginning of next year. Advertisers would then have to take a weightier decision in terms of handing the new video format. As per a survey conducted by e-Marketer, spending ratio of video advertising alone would cross $5.2B in the US alone by 2014. Somewhere down the line, social media engagement is responsible in driving the expansion of the view ads and this might totally take over the CTRs of the online ads.

Now the main question is how to package the pre rollers in front of the users. Users just cannot stand the video ads and if they’d encounter any such thing, possibility is high; they might click and move ahead. 

Effect on Facebook? Well, users might swap to other networking sites where they find more control especially on their ‘news feed’.

The Real Challenge for Facebook Is yet To Comes

Somewhere it has also been mentioned that Facebook will keep the video ad mute once the reader is on his news feed. In order to provide the user with ‘power’, the ads will be mute by default in case, the user wants to hear/see, he can click on the ad. Now who would like to see the ad on Facebook, YouTube has already given endowed us with the ads in between a video, whether we like it or not, we have to see it. Is it a sign of leniency that Facebook is hinting at, don’t know.

Video advertising has to be permissive in the sense, that users must not feel compelled to see a video rather it has to be a thing that has the power of igniting vitality amongst users.

If Facebook allows its users to upload video ads of their own choice, the percentage of viewership might increase and at the same time, it would help the brands in creating vitality. Along with the networking site, Facebook would then become a podium where users themselves would be the brand ambassadors. Now how cool is that?

Just like satellites are intentionally placed into orbit, the banner ads might find its place in the orbit of video ads. Video ads would definitely go to synchronize well with the banner ads in the future ad world.

No matter how hit Facebook is amongst its user base yet majority won’t like their news feed crammed up with video ads. In the era of smartphones, when most people access the networking site on their cellular phone, no one would welcome the idea of video ads eating their gadget’s bandwidth. So is it the time to say welcome to Google Plus?



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