Top 10 Best Games For Android Phones 2017

So, this article talks about the new and trending games for 2017 which are not very big or famous but still fun to play with. All these games are among the best games for all your android phones like Xiaomi mobile phones, Samsung phones and many more. All these games are not in any particular order but as we will be discussing them you can know which games will suit you better.

  1. Fast Like a Fox

Our first game we are looking at is fast like a fox. This game is simple and fun to play, all you do is collect certain items as you run and jump through levels. This game adapts the premium model and occasionally will play ads in between the levels. Overall, I’d say this is a good game to play with while you are commuting or looking for time pass and will pass some of your time without much effort to put.

  1. Trumpy Wall

This game is becoming trendy as the name refers to the newly elected President Trump and his famous promise to build a wall. This game pokes fun of that concept is very entertaining. This is another a decent game to provide you a sufficient challenge to make it very fun to play. All you must do is to select a color before you start the game so the wall prevents hitting your character. It’s very nice and easy game to pass your time.

  1. Charged

The premise for this game is simple enough, you hold down the little bar until the battery reaches a certain level and then you let it go. It seems very one-dimensional but it’s a good game to pass the time and its quite challenging when it gets to a certain part for example it took me a while get to 50% mark and got so close many times.

  1. Square It

This game is little different than the previous three. It requires bit more thoughts than the other games we have checked out this far. This game consists of being able to fill the shape by moving it in one motion. It starts simple and continually gets more difficult as you progress through. I’d suggest you guys to check it out if you’re looking for a challenge. At first I thought this game was boring but it grew on me as I went further in.

  1. Missiles

Missiles is another game which is very simple up but it can provide quite a challenge. I went through a minute without any missile hitting me but the challenge makes it more fun and makes me want to play some more. Ill suggest you guys to check this game out if you like a simple yet challenging game to mix up your free time in such interesting one.

  1. Smash Rocket

This is again a pretty simple game, all you do is aim the different rockets at the different rocks surrounding the planet Earth and you destroy them to get through the level. There are different types of rockets, some will go with little spin and some will go at both ways and some will aim at one direction and the surrounding objects sometimes change as well. These things vary depending on what level of game you’re at.

  1. Tiny Striker

Tiny striker is a game I would like to pass my time with because I am a very big fan of soccer. If you like soccer and ever played soccer, then this game is not very challenging. However, it gets easy once you get in the rhythm and play this game for an extended amount of time without noticing the time going by. This game is definitely not for the people who are looking for a challenge but rather are looking for entertainment.

  1. Higher Lower

This game is different from the other games we have covered so far. This game is all about what you think is googled more so you already get a determined number and you get a topic so you can guess whether it gets a higher number of google searches or lower amount of google searches and the object of the game is to get as many right answers in a row as possible. Personally, I find this game different and get to see what people google the most or what least they have googled.

  1. Putthole

Putthole is a very fun game in which you have to construct puttholes that leads from the golf ball to the hole for point. It’s not very difficult but if you mess up a move then it can get very challenging. You have to do several moves ahead in order to do well in this game your success also depends on the pieces that you choose while making each step at a time. This game gets challenging and fun while playing as you go through pieces after pieces of getting attached.

  1. Spin

Spin is a very simple game where all you have to do is to tap the screen to go through the round. The object of this game is to get a high score as possible all you really have to do is wait for the little gaps in the circles to line up and tap it up at the right time to go through on the next level. Now this seems very easy but as you progress you will run into more challenges as they make the gaps wider or thinner and also depends on the speed of the circle you are on and oncoming circle. Overall, it is a very fun and challenging but one negative thing about this game is the full screen adds do pop up on the screen randomly and you click on them unintentionally.

So this is it for the Top 10 Best Games For Android phones. Go ahead and download these games and have fun and if you are looking for some top and latest Android phones then all you need to do is to google about latest phones and also about their prices like “Xiaomi Mobile Prices in Pakistan” “Samsung Mobile Prices In England”.


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