Tips to increase your sales through Guest Posting

Tips to increase your sales through Guest Posting

I find guest blogging a bit time complex and time consuming activity, but in terms of getting positive results, it has been one of the most beneficial options to try out in online marketing strategy. But to make it effective, I have to take care of a couple of things, which I would like to share with you. After reading the same, I am sure you would really benefit the best via guest posting. Well, let me discuss some times to increase sale through guest posting as under:

Target at the right places for your guest post

The very first thing I keep in mind is to identify and build up a rapport with sites and blogs that belongs to my niche area and can give me the chance to try out Guest Posting Sites for 2017. You are supposed to connect with people, which include publishers, bloggers and businesses wherein you can enjoy some mutual benefits to be exploited. Make sure you consider the one, which has a big base of audience and is very much relevant to your niche area. However, if you are working into a small segment in the market then targeting the high traffic would really mean that you have to focus on quality.

At the same time, you need to consider the site, which will allow you publishing the post on a regular basis. If you are into B2B domain unlike me, make sure you check certain important points. These include selecting the option in order to filter with comes with no follow links. Try to leverage the comments the most with the guest blog posting. Also, identify certain common blog wherein you find most of your target audience spending most of their time. Now pitch them with the guest post. With this tip, you simply end up saving time and efforts while you carry out the guest posting thing and bring out better results in terms of boosting up your sales.  At least this tip helps me a lot.

Selecting the right topics

Once you identity the right site for guest post, then I make sure to choose the right topic. These tips can be a tricky one, as it has to appeal the publisher/blogger, work the best for your business, and render value to your business. The topic you should be contemporary and topical with the initial micro conversion of finding someone to open up your post. This way, I simply end up bridging the two areas with the help of my guest post. This simply ends up converting the sales for your business using this blog. I call this point as a key for things like high conversion, which the guest posting can do for me. I have personally experienced higher and better results by abiding this point.

The content

If your guest posts are poorly designed and is pitted with issues like grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, it is likely give you any result. If you are aspiring to get space in higher authority sites then you are supposed to produce high quality content. The next thing you need to keep in mind is to choose the right topic, which the site caters. If you do not stick to the nature of the site or blog in terms of content, you are not likely to benefit from your guest posting idea. I remember some of the sites, which I approached in the past, had clear cut and strict kind of content calendar wherein I had to abide by their rules simply to being barred to post on their sites. The content you produce should not only be very much informative but at the same time should be interesting to catch with.

Call to action

The way you design your call to action (CTA), the kind of result you would get at the end. I call it vital because this is something, which can make the difference. When it comes to composing the CTA, you are supposed to keep in mind certain things. These include the positioning of it and secondly the wording of the same. I personally recommend putting the CTA at the bottom, while talking about the wording wherein you are supposed to put the right set of keywords with purely rich anchor text link over the top as you know the importance of links, which has to be counted at the top.

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