Tips on Whale Watching


Whale watching is among the favorite leisure acting one can enjoy with friends and family. Come mid-December to March, you have people getting attracted towards whale watching Puerto Vallarta to get the best of the glimpse of whale. Indeed Vallarta is one of the best places to consider to whale watching. If you are planning for the Riviera Nayarit Tours, the following tips can help you in getting the best in return, how about checking them as under:

Find out when the whale season starts

This is one of the most obvious tips to consider before you choose for Nuevo Vallarta tours for whale watching. The whales are migrating animals and they usually divide their time in between winter and summer hangout. The North Pacific Humpback whales often spend their winter during the Hawaii found in between November and May, however, the populations at this place is simply high. You can further explore about the same before you plan your holiday.

Mind the weather

Before you plan yourWhale Watching Puerto Vallarta, it is always better to access the weather conditions. In a rough sea or with high winds around it simply becomes very much difficult to fin dout the whales. Better check the weather forecast from the meteorological department and move ahead only when the day is best.

Pack Good Gear

A good preparation is the key to successful Riviera Nayarit Tours. Packing good gear for the trip is important. Gets the sun protection gear including the sunscreens and proper sunglasses along with a proper hat can be helpful. Polarized sunglasses are among the best way for whale watching. Next gear is camera, which helps in capturing good pictures of whales. Consider a camera with a good zoom so that you can get focused pictures. The next gear is binocular, get the one, which is known to have the best zoom for the whale. Get the one, which don’t make you sea sick. Similarly you need to carry proper snacks and bottled water in your bag though you get with the package yet getting some with yourself can help you a lot. Wear and carry dresses as per the weather conditions and lastly don’t forget to carry motion sickness medicine if you are prone to seasickness.

Know your whales

Spotting the whales can be a both fun and adventure but you may not be able to name their stunts. If you fail to recognize the individual whales by their looks and appearances better explore about the same and get to know more your whales.

Select a responsible tour operator

Before you plan for your Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta you need to choose a professional tour operator. Since the activity of whale watching creates lots of jobs and money, it is getting more weightage to stop the idea of whaling. By considering a good whale watching cruise can really help in protecting the whales. You can further explore the whale watching guide and then choose one of the best tour operator who not only abide by the laws but at the same time committed to secure ocean and the wildlife.


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