“Rain, rain, go away… Come again another day”

  “Rain, rain, go away... Come again another day”

The last few months of summer are almost unbearable. With the temperatures soaring, the scorching heat and the high levels of humidity make life really difficult. All of us are praying and really hoping that the monsoons arrive early at least this year.  We really look forward to those dark clouds approaching as we stop and stare at the skies. We wait for that sudden gush of cold air carrying with it the smell of rain and wet mud, really hoping for the temperatures to come down. Finally some relief from the searing heat of the dreaded summers! 

As the showers descend from the mighty heavens, children rush to their building compounds, the alleys. Dancing with their feet in and out of water, singing songs aloud, there’s a sudden upliftment in everyone’s mood.

Rainy days slowly turn into weeks and as the lightning and thunder pass, one can see the tiny creeks turn into grand rivers. With each heavy downpour, we see water gushing along the gutters.

It is quite ironical isn’t it? The same monsoon rains misery to the lives of common people. Monsoon becomes a bane times as the rain water gets mixed with the drainage water leading potholed roads and snakes, all in all a totally unhealthy environment gets created surrounding this showery season.

Added to the unhealthy air, is the damp and humid climate that leads to skin disorders especially in children. Children’s delicate skin is very susceptible to skin problems. So, these problems should necessarily be checked on time so that they don’t lead to a worse situation.

Get your clean on: This season is packed with challenges. Hygiene comes first amongst all the others. We must ensure that our surroundings remain clean and dry.

Fungal infections, skin rashes or allergies are very common during this period. It is mainly caused due to the high levels of humidity which cause the young ones to sweat a lot. It is very important to have a bath at least twice a day for hygiene purposes. We should use a disinfectant also while having a bath, like addition of a few drops of neem oil to our water really helps maintaining ones hygiene.

We should make sure we wash our hands and feet after regular periods, especially due the amount of germs that the monsoons bring along with them. Making sure that our nails are clipped and clean is the most important thing when it comes to hygiene, be it any season.

Food for thought: During the monsoon, tap water may get polluted by ground or waste water.  We need to make it a point that our children drink only boiled or filtered water. Carrying boiled water or filtered water while travelling anywhere is advisable. Anything that involves ice from outside must be avoided, like for example gola’s and juices that are readily available. During the rainy season not only kids, each and every individual should avoid eating outside food.

We should make it a point to wash our dishes and utensils with clean water. Even fruits and vegetables bought during this season should be washed thoroughly. Many homes now have geysers in the kitchen for constant boiled water, used to clean food and wash dishes. One tends to reduce water intake during these few months as well, therefore we should drink plenty of water and eat fruits to avoid dehydration.

Care about Wear: This is the season where the weather changes a lot over a single day. It could start with a very hot and humid morning followed by a period of heavy rain thus reducing temperatures. This change of temperature generally causes people to fall ill.

Remember even slightly wet cloth can lead to flu. Damp clothes is the breeding ground for fungal infections we should be careful that children do not wear damp clothes

During this humid season, we should make sure we dress our children in loose cotton clothes that will absorb the sweat and let his skin breath.

During day time, be sure to cover your baby’s arms and legs to avoid mosquito bites.

If your kid is a school-going kid, make sure your kids backpack for school, his/her stationery, raincoat, gumboots, socks, shoes is dry and clean.

Steer away from mosquitoes: Monsoons bring along with them a lot of illnesses. Wherever water begins stagnating, it creates a breeding ground for the mosquitoes.

Stagnant water must be cleared from everywhere in or around your home. Mosquitoes are the primary cause for diseases like malariadengue or chikungunya. Many people tend to have plants in their houses. In these situations we should make sure that we change the water is the vases regularly.

For children, it is very essential to have mosquito nets for their beds. Installing wire meshes on windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house is also a very effective measure. Application of mosquito repellants/creams on your kid’s skin will also help avoid mosquito bites.


This Post is written by Rohit Pandey and he work with Genius Leathercraft Pvt. Ltd as a Digital Media Adviser.  You can find Rohit write-ups at Genius Blog.

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