Prevent And Control Diabetes: Diabetes Diet And Food Tips!

Prevent And Control Diabetes

Diabetes is such a disease which stays with you till the time you die, since there is no permanent treatment to diabetes. There are various myths related to diabetes but it must be noticed that if proper care is taken like healthy eating habits, taking medicines on time, doing regular check-ups and maintaining mental and physical fitness, then no one can stop you from leading a normal life. The following diabetes diet and food tips will help the people who are non-diabetic to prevent the onset of diabetes as well as will help to control the sugar levels for those who are already suffering from this:


    1. The basic reason behind diabetes is obesity. So, keep yourself away from such foods which make you obese. The examples of such foods are oily and fatty foods like French fries, fried chicken etc., sugar rich foods like chocolates, ice-cream, sweets, cakes etc. Moreover, foods like rice, potatoes, pasta and bread should not be included into the diet of diabetic people because these foods are not suitable for them and are responsible for worsening the condition even more.
    2. Smoking and alcohol should be strictly avoided as these bad habits are not good even for non-diabetic people and can even lead to other diseases like lung cancer, heart attacks, stroke etc.

  1. Packaged foods and drinks, junk foods, ready-to-eat foods and aerated drinks are rich in sugar content; contain carbon and other chemicals in the form of preservatives and MSG which are hazardous for human life. So, diabetic people should keep themselves away from such eating habits.
  2. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Green leafy vegetables, fiber rich foods like oats, whole grain bread or biscuits are always advantageous for diabetic people. Try to eat fresh and homemade properly cooked food.
  3. If you want to take some liquid diet then coconut water, fresh fruit juices are good for health. Green tea is always recommended over normal tea or coffee.
  4. Diabetic people should never control their hunger. Instead of taking just two or three large meals in a day try to eat small meals for about five to six times a day. These will keep you energetic by improving your metabolism.
  5. Drinking water will help to remove the unwanted toxins from your body. So, drink 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis to keep yourself hydrated.
  6. Diabetic people who love non-vegetarian foods should include fish items in their diet. Chicken and meat are not good for people suffering from diabetes.
  7. It is advised that diabetic people should take medicines which are prescribed by the doctor on fixed time of the day. Do not put your life at risk by showing laziness in consuming these medications as they are now an inseparable part of a diabetic person’s life.

In short it can be said that, even if diabetes is incurable, people suffering from this disease can lead a normal and healthy life by following a disciplined routine and good eating habits. If the above tips are followed properly then diabetes can be prevented as well as controlled in an effective way.

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