Is Phablet the new Era of Tablets?


Phablet is a new term being added in the list of number of mobile devices, which seems to have created a new buzz in the media. These are smaller than tablets and bigger than the smartphone devices. You could find a number of smartphones far expensive then the tablets, which make people carry both the devices together. However, both have their own pro and cons. The smartphone despite all the features to could fail to have a number of features, which the tablets or PC/laptop could carry at the same time the tablets can never be used as a phone. Looking in between and having the features and poise of both the ends, Phablets comes as an answer.  The term Phablet is a blend of both smartphone and tablet, by having PH of phone and ABLET of Tablet. Looking into this perspective, it can simply bridge the gap between these two devices. Well can you say that Phablet as the new age of Tablets or advance version of smartphones, well let’s check them out:

Digging deep into Phablets specializations

First let’s check the screen of this device. Ideally, considering the argument, it should be somewhere in between the size of a smartphone (4”) and tablet size (7”). However, the screen sizes range between 4.6 – 5.5 inches. The stylus of this device includes a stylus pen, which makes the handwriting, drawing and painting simple. While checking the other aspects of Phablet, it comes with a robust kind of processor with better speed, competent size RAM, higher resolution, good user interface, etc.

Phablets – a beginning of a new era

The first ever Phablet was developed by the company Dell introduced in the year 2010 called as Dell Streak 5; however, soon it was seen getting crashed. Later Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3 inches Phablet came into being in the very sixth months. Though these devices are great in terms of features, but these super smartphones have few downsides. These are difficult to carry in your pocket as it requires bigger space inside. Also in terms of cost, these remain at greater side. However, despite all of these trivial limitations, Phablets have the potentials to bring a revolution in the mobile device world. Hence the line of differences what you see over the phone as compared to the PC would certainly going to diminish.

The different players in Phablets in Companies

The numbers of companies, which are known to produce Phablets include, Samsung, LG, Google, Dell and Panasonics. These are considered as bigger play in this industry. However, the smaller groups include ZTE, Huawei, ASUS, Karbonn, Micromax, etc. The popular Phablets include Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy SIII and Nexus, while others include Optimus Vu, Nexus, Streak 5, Eluga Power, etc.

Final Word

As per the ABI Research a pioneer group that deals in mobile devices, Phablets would certainly going to dominate the 208 million device shipments carried out on an annual basis by 2015. In fact, if you look at the current figures of these android based devices, the figure seems to be promising for Phablets, which backs up the argument that these super smartphone devices would certainly going to dominate in the coming times.


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