Pros and Cons of using Lead Pages for Creating Landing Pages

LeadPages is a drag and drop software tool that enables you to build web landing pages and opt-in forms. It works great with the WordPress websites through a free plugin that allows the customers to create an unlimited number of landing pages and opt-in forms across various domains. With LeadPages, you can create landing pages for webinars, courses, books and a wide range of different products. The reason for its immense popularity has been its ease of use. The tool will allow you to create a landing page in only a few minutes which would have earlier taken several hours.

There are a number of benefits that LeadPages provides to its users. Just like any other software tool, it also has some cons. In the below post we will look at some of the pros and cons of using LeadPages for creating landing pages.

Firstly, we will discuss the Pros possessed by LeadPages.

  • LeadPages has an amazing feature that enables you to ”sort by conversion”. Customers who are not accustomed to the landing page services. There is no other service that will automatically display the pages that have the highest rate of conversion.
  • LeadPages will offer you a number of integration settings that are quite easy to set up and get going. Most of the CRM’s are integrated with it that will enable you to gather the lead info. Some of those that are not integrated with it can be added in the HTML code provided by the CRM.
  • One amazing service possessed by LeadPages is the Drap and Drop. With this, you can move the templated page anywhere and view it the way you want it to be. This is an added functionality as the templated landing pages always lacked the freedom to make changes to it.
  • LeadPages provides its users with a very responsive and prompt support services. All the users are entitled to receive email support for all their queries. However, the support services vary on the basis of the plans that they have subscribed to. A higher plan will offer more support services as compared to the lower priced plans.
  • All the landing pages designed by LeadPages are fully responsive in nature which will make them appear the same way on all your devices. The pages also come compatible with Facebook which is one of the most popular social networking platforms.

Now, after discussing the Pros, let’s have a look at the Cons possessed by LeadPages.

  • LeadPages enables its users to have only a 2 step opt in with a button along with a pop up with the fields on the pop up. It lacks the feature of putting opt-in fields right on the page.
  • The process of editing the opt-in box needs a lot of improvement. It can be extremely confusing especially if you are not used to it or are a new user, to edit the copy in the side bar and not in the existing place where the copy is supposed to be.
  • All the changes made are not saved by LeadPages. However, It has a functionality of auto saving the data but in some instances, it is not consistent. So, it becomes necessary to click on the click on the save button every time any changes are made. This can lead to headaches if a user forgets to click on the save button and considers that the data is auto saved.
  • LeadPages still has limited functionality, although new features are getting added constantly. It still lags behind some of the other landing page builder tools like ClickFunnels that possesses a lot of more features than it. As a user, you don’t even get to personalize your content.
  • All the designs and templates are pre-defined and you cannot make any changes to them. You don’t even get to re-arrange or re-order any of your items. This is a very limited functionality from the user point of view.


Above mentioned is a brief description about the Pros and Cons of using LeadPages as a Landing Page building tool. However, before choosing any of the page builder tools you must do a thorough analysis about how beneficial will it be in the long run.

Please let me know your views about the article in the comments section below.


Author Bio:

Alana Berge is working as WordPress Developer at Awebstar, a well-known Web Development Company Singapore. If you need to hire a Web Experts at very reasonable cost Alana can prove to be your right choice. She loves to share her thoughts on Web and always looking for learning something new.

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