The Nokia Android Phone- an interesting venture from Nokia

The Nokia Android Phone- an interesting venture from Nokia

Just a week ago, something unusual was heard, Nokia is coming up with its first Android based phone. There were several images, which were seen surfacing over a number of media. However, if you believe certain rumors, Nokia has been working hard since a couple of months over the Android phone. It is expected to be a budget phone, which would be armed with custom version of Skype and of course would be seen with the new dialer screen. This move can hamper its relationship with Microsoft yet Nokia seems to be busy in coming up with this move. Well, let’s check some of the vital aspects of Nokia Android Phone as under:

The designs similar to Asha phone

As per a number of pictures of appearing in different media, the experts feel that this phone is developed on the similar lines of Asha phone series from Nokia. In its pictures, you can find the same old two signal strength indications for both the SIM card similar to the pattern found over the Asha phones made for the Indian consumers. The look and feel of this phone and even its software would be similar to the earlier phones of Nokia especially the ones called Asha.  However, the experts feel that the new Android phones can redefine the Asha phone to a great extent. Nokia would certainly going to work on the look and feel of this upcoming phone making it better than the earlier ones and also in the terms of cost and other elements, the upcoming Nokia Android phone would be far better. You can even find features like Skype, SkyDrive and Office in it.

More mature feature

Though the approach of designing the Nokia Android phone device would be more or less the same as shown by the Microsoft, however, adding several elements of Google can certainly going to add a number of mature feature in it. In fact, much better than the features found in the earlier S40 phone devices, while these new platforms developed by Nokia can even work with limited memory as well. However, as far as the Google Play Store is concerned, whether Nokia will rely on it or would come with its own play store is still not clear and hence seen debating in the open forums.

Nokia Android Phone will change many things

Though the new tie up with Google, Nokia may not lose Microsoft completely but can hamper their older relations. The fact is with Google Android, Nokia is going to prosper in many ways. It will push the older designs of Asha in a big day thus making it a more modern and cost effective phone devices. Thus the Asha users are more likely to get something really tangible with the Nokia Android phones. However, at the other side, you can even see a number of developments taking place at the Windows side. Now Microsoft is planning to club the Windows Phone and Windows RT, which will definitely going to give the smartphone platform a very good power, which Nokia will not going to enjoy. This is the basic reason why Nokia has chosen to tread all together a different route.

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