Is Nokia Really coming up With a 41MP Camera ?

Is Nokia Is Really Come With 41MP Camera

Nokia is best with Windows Phones. Nokia Recently launched various windows phones that are Lumia series with various configuration and different – different cameras. Now Nokia confirms Lumia phone with 41MP camera

Last Year there are some rumors’ about Lumia 920 is coming with 41mp camera but this is not happen and it is launched with 8mp camera. Now Nokia confirms that he is launched a Lumia phone with 41mp camera.


On the Nokia Conversations website, the company has put up a teaser that says there will be “41 million reasons” to attend the July 11 event. “41 million” is a clear hint towards the 41MP camera, as it is the same number of pixels in the sensor of the upcoming Lumia phone. In the invite Nokia sent for the July 11 event, it said it will reinvent zoom, suggesting the launch of the phone currently being called Lumia EOS in tech circles


In June 2012 Nokia already launched 808 previews which are having 41 mp cameras with 1.3Ghz ARM 11 processor and 512MB RAM.

This camera is run on Windows 8 phone operating system having wireless support and come in various colors like as all Lumia phones.


I personally use Lumia Phone with Windows 8 and I love to operate the phone. I am happy to see Lumia phone with 41MP camera.


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