Networking with other bloggers: doing it now!

Networking with other bloggers

Almost all bloggers consider other bloggers as their competition. They are under the wrong conclusion that it’s against the rules and they never try to reach out to other bloggers. Although other blogs are strictly your competition, connecting to the right bloggers can do wonders for you.

This is because with a large network, you have all of them working together to benefit each other. This means that you are not alone in promoting your blog, everyone in your network is working hard to promote your blog. With the combined contributions of the bloggers, you’re able to achieve better results than you could ever get by yourself.

Here are some good reasons for why you should be networking with other bloggers.

Get listed on their blogroll

The blog roll is a small sidebar which carries the links of the blogger’s favorite blogs. Getting listed here adds you another back link to your website as well as acts as an endorsement from the other blogger. It informs the readers that your blog is worth visiting. Guest blogging

Guest posting opportunities

Guest posting is a great thing you can try to promote your blog and your brand. Guest posting gains you exposure to new audience. It represents you as an expert and you get to add links back to your website, placing your blog in the top results of search engines. Of course, there are several ways of doing this.

Invite others to guest post on your blog- if for some reason you‘re unable to post for a couple of weeks, invite other bloggers to guest post on your blog. This helps to keep your blog active. Make sure that the bloggers blog on similar topics so that you are likely to have more success reaching out to smaller bloggers.

Request for guest posting on others’ blogs- When you meet them, you should clearly explain them that you are a regular reader of their blog, understand their audience and share what topic you’d guest post about.

Attract more back links

Most bloggers add links in their posts. This help the readers to access more information on topics of their interest and it’s also a great tool for connecting to other bloggers. Whenever you add a link, the other blogger is alerted with a trackback.

By connecting to other bloggers, you let them know of the content you’re posting. So, whenever they mention a topic you’ve posted, you are most likely to get them linking to your post.

Sharing talents

Each of us has been gifted with special talents. What’s more is when you can help someone by using your skills, you can expect help from them as well.

Get tips and advice from the best

No matter how much experience you have with blogging, there is always something to learn from other bloggers. You can exchange blogging tips with other bloggers. They may give you some suggestions that help you with your blog promotion or they could provide you with simple guidelines for being a best blogger.

Establish relationship with your favorite bloggers and always feel free to take their advice.

Read other blogs

Just reading other blogs will help you to learn many things. You will learn how to create a compelling content. You’ll also learn what other bloggers are writing about, what are the hot topics? What hot topics you want to join in on? You can also get new ideas when you are running short of it. Other bloggers also let you to explore new bloggers and readers related to your niche- start networking with them.

Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs is an excellent way for bloggers to learn about each other and connect. So what are you waiting for? Go comment on other bloggers’ posts. Also, when someone comments on your post, use that opportunity to make a connection. Respond to readers’ comments on your blog posts. If some other blogger comments on your post learn about them-add them to your network and visit their blog and comment in return on one of their posts.

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