Key reasons why blog needs fan page

It has now become customary to set up a Facebook fan page for bloggers. When a user clicks this button, he or she is redirected to the Facebook fan page. Similar to the Facebook fan page, you can set up links for Twitter, Google+ and other social networking websites. These fan pages are also called “Like” page because there is a big button at the top of the fan page that has “Like” written on it. Such fan pages are termed as promotional pages for blogs, allowing easy posting of status messages with links and new blog posts. The following are some of the key reasons for the popularity of fan pages among the bloggers:

  1. Reach out to more audience

A Facebook fan page makes your blog post accessible to about 400 million Facebook users. Moreover, a Facebook user generally becomes a fan of about 4 pages each month. Taking these facts into account, a fan page of Facebook or any other social networking website considerably helps expand your audience base.

  1. Make users your fan in a click

With fan pages, a user can opt to be your fan by making a single click. Unlike the sign-up process for most of the websites, the user is not required to fill up any mandatory field and provide his or her e-mail ID. Therefore, fan pages ensure that a user becomes your fan following the easiest step without going through any spam work.

  1. Access to attractive news feed

An average Facebook user gives around 30 minutes for news posts and updates. Considering this fact, authenticated and meaningful posts will greatly benefit your followers. They will ensure that they visit your blog at least once.

  1. Offer data for detailed analysis

A fan page of any social networking website proves to a repository for useful data to carry out a detailed analysis of your fans and followers. Such fan pages show sex and age ratios of followers and fans, the number of unsubscribed fans and total number of fans among others important statistics. In addition, fan pages allow you to see the incoming traffic from a particular demography.

  1. Facilitate growth of your community

Social networking websites are the best place to increase your popularity. Whenever your blog post is visited by your fans and friends, it is reflected in their update screens. These updates spreads information and news like viral in the online community.

  1. Provide options to easily trick users

You can give your fan page the appeal and look you want. You can tempt users to click your fan page using a number of available tools. You can learn more ways to make your fan page appealing to users by going through several available tutorials.

Besides, fan pages of social networking websites help you achieve a higher conversion rate by providing access to an extensive audience base. If you have not created a fan page as yet, you should not delay it any more. Creating a fan page is one of the most effective ways to reach out an expanded set of audience and start digital marketing.

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