How to Prepare Your Home For Christmas


There is no doubt that the holiday season is a crazy time of the year. Between organising countless gifts, a Christmas feast and extra space for the extended family, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. In the lead-up, it’s important to get organised early for a seamless festive experience.

Whether you live in a designer home or lived-in family residence, the chaos of Christmas time remains the same. Follow these simple steps to prepare your house for the upcoming holiday season and create a welcome celebration.

Upgrade Your Spare Bedroom

Feeling the pressure of an impending stay with your in-laws? Guest bedrooms are usually the most neglected room in the home, despite playing a major role in the experience of your visitors. Take the time in the weeks before the big day to clear out your clutter, excess furniture and storage. This creates a sanctuary that is welcoming and comfortable – not your custom home office with a daybed. Read more about 

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Depending on your level of commitment, you may prefer to initiate a simple paint job or a total knockdown rebuild. For a quick fix, new bed linens, a scented candle and fresh flowers can make a world of difference.

De-Clutter Your Living Space

As a home away from home for your guests, it’s common courtesy to clear out all of your personal clutter before they arrive. Many visitors will already feel as though they are an imposition, so it’s important to make them feel like a welcome arrival.

De-clutter all of the most popular rooms, such as the kitchen, dining and living room. This will also help to give you a clean start for decorating later on. A clear room is a clear mind, and by keeping pieces that are useful and functional you can establish a dynamic space that responds to the chaos of Christmas.

Dust Down Your Outdoor Furniture

Whether you live in a warm or cool climate during December, it can be handy to have your outdoor setting ready to go. A crackling fire in the winter or open BBQ in the summer provides the perfect place to be social, enjoy the fresh air and extra space!

If you aren’t inclined to replace any outdoor furniture, consider giving each piece a thorough dust down. Give the area a once over to remove any mud, leaves and dirt around the place and be sure to keep some bug spray nearby.

Organise Your Decor Now

Although last year’s Christmas supplies will probably do the trick, it’s best to start an inventory of what you need now, just in case. Tinsel, baubles and mistletoe will keep your home glittering with Christmas spirit. Head to the shop just before December if you can, to ensure you get the full range of products without the last-minute rush.

The best decor of all? Food! Stock your freezer early and start collection your favourite sweets and treats recipes into one booklet, for stellar entertaining year after year. There’s nothing quite like the aroma of fresh gingerbread or appeal of Christmas cake to add to the holiday spirit. Festive cake stands are perfect to display your creations and give new life to your kitchen.

Give the Bathrooms A Thorough Clean

Welcome to every Christmas host’s nightmare; the bathroom. Tricky and time-consuming to clean, sometimes even harder to maintain! Be sure to block out plenty of time to give your bathroom a thorough clean before your guests are due to arrive. If your guest bedroom has an adjoining ensuite, it can be thoughtful to include a small pamper pack of soaps.
For households with more than one bathroom, get the basics cleaned first so that the rest is simple maintenance. Be sure to equip yourself with the right products ahead of time and, if you intend to pull out bath mats, towels and decor that usually hides in the cupboard, allow time for a wash and iron.

Delegate Your Tasks

All of these tasks are probably too much for one person. Set aside a weekend with friends and family to help with the decorating and delegate the tasks for maximum efficiency! This is the perfect time of year for your nearest and dearest to pull together.

The holiday season is a time to step back and take some time out. While your kids might not clean to the same high standard as you, it’s important to instil a sense of teamwork and responsibility. Remember, at the end of the day, your guests have come to see you, not your shining hardwood floors, designer home vibes or exceptional housekeeping skills.

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