How to Paint Your Home Properly?

There is no perfect season for painting but most people prefer to do it in spring or in summer when the weather is hot and it is easier for the walls or the objects to dry faster. Many people in spite of the numerous painters they just want to do the work all by themselves. Some of them enjoy doing that, while others do not want to let go of control and feel that they are the ones who can do it best Contact Logik Roofing if you need any help and also here are some tips that you must know if you want to paint your house in the right way.

What kind of color to choose?

There are two kinds of colors when it comes to painting, the one type is usually based on oil (the one that makes the walls shine) and those based on water. At the present time, there is no need for oil-based paints. They are very hard and more complicated to work with. So, you do not need them to make your walls look good. It should be noted that there are more modern variants of water-based paints that will give you the same effect and make the walls shine, but the advantage is that they will dry in a shorter period of time. When buying a color make sure that you are not trying to save money and select paint from well-known manufacturers.

How much paint is needed?

The general rule is that in order for you to do a good painting, you should definitely use about 4 liters of paint per each 32 square meters. All you have to do is to carefully measure the room you want to paint and dimensions. Today there are machines that can calculate the exact amount of paint that you will need for painting. No matter what the seller or the machine says that you need you should always buy a little more just in case. This will save you a lot of time and prevent you from running to the store when you need to work.

Should I use the base color?

If you do not want dark color paint over a lighter shade, or your walls are not too stained the base color will not be necessary. And, if the walls are quite dirty, note that the base coat color will be the right solution.

In what order do I start painting?

1. Clean all the walls from dust and dirt.

2. Tape the doors and windows.

3. Put nylon or old blanket on the floor.

4. Brush paint all corners.

5. Start with the ceiling, then move on to the walls.

If you are not sure that you can perform the painting all by yourself, if you do not have enough supplies and you are not really an expert, perhaps it would be best to hire professional painters and stay in a hotel for a day or two.

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