The Copenhagen Wheel – Taking the Whole World for a Spin

The Copenhagen Wheel – Taking the Whole World for a Spin

Facts are facts, and a seemingly daunting, but potent medicine for the curing of an ailing planet is having less waste and toxins on the face of the Earth, as well as in your body. What’s an easy, fun and green way to accomplish this in your own personal way? There are a myriad of benefits to bicycling, not only for your body, mind and soul, but certainly for the environment as well. Forward thinking, conscientious people across the world have been putting two tires on the streets as a primary means of transportation for a long, long time. The concept and its practice, however, is now really starting to catch fire, and to an extremely trendy, fashionable degree.

Although here in the United States our culture appears to almost entirely revolve around trends, the mass majority of folks still surprisingly seem to be dragging their feet concerning biking. Obviously this isn’t the only beneficial concept that we tend to give the cold shoulder, especially if it involves exercise, discomfort and exerting ourselves. But perhaps this is precisely why developers at MIT created the innovative Copenhagen Wheel in the first place.

Bikes are not only fun, they’re sensible, but there are definite reasons as to why many folks don’t use them for transportation on a regular basis. For instance, biking to work may leave you sweaty, a tad stinky and a bit exhausted depending on the journey. And while biking is a perfect way to rectify it, if you’re out of shape then biking to work seems like an impossible uphill climb. But the Copenhagen Wheel is about to add its two cents to the equation. The simple device easily snaps right onto your bike and performs technological wonders. It remarkably aids in conserving your energy by storing the energy you already use and saving it for when it’s most needed. You’ll feel like your gliding across flat terrain as you power uphill. It’s revolutionary, sleek and simple, and it might just help save your body and the planet.

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