Automotive Window Tinting – It’s Not Just About Style


Automotive window films are usually installed for a couple of primary reasons depending on the personal preferences and needs of the owner. But did you know that there are numerous additional benefits to installing and applying automotive window films that many car owners have failed to consider and which make window tinting an all-round amazing idea?

Here are some amazing benefits you can expect from automotive window films:

It Keeps You Cool

While living in Malaysia is awesome, the extreme heat can sometimes get to us.  Be it commuting to work or heading out for a hot date, no one wants to arrive at their destination drenched in sweat. Company’s window films are designed to reject up to 61% of the total solar energy, which will keep your vehicle cool and comfy throughout the day.

Added Privacy and Protection

Automotive window films can help guard your personal privacy no matter where are you. And not only that, when the windows of a vehicle are tinted, injuries to the driver, passengers and pedestrians can be avoided. This is because the tinting film holds glass together when it is broken or shattered, stopping the shards from flying out in all directions.

Better Driving Experience

Driving with the sun directly in your face isn’t just an annoyance – it can be deadly. Tinted car windows shield your eyes and prevents glare from all sources of extreme light. And the top notch tinted film for windows does an excellent job of reducing glare caused by sunlight as well as blinding headlights at night.

Good for Your Health

Direct sunlight and the associated UV rays doesn’t just damage your skin and accelerate ageing, it can also cause skin cancer over a prolonged period of exposure. Solar Gard® automotive window films does a fine job of cutting out up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet A (long-wave) and ultraviolet B (shortwave) rays.


Author’s Bio:

Iman Razak is working as an editor at Solar Gard (M). I am interested in writing articles on home improvement, especially window tinting.


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