Budget Friendly Hitachi Window AC Models


Hitachi is among the prominent suppliers of windows AC. It brings versatile range of windows AC that features a blend of intelligent technology with smart features like auto climate technology and silent cooling.

This feature tells you about best Hitachi Window AC’s available in the market.

Hitachi Window AC’s in India are manufactured with sophisticated technology that comes with great comfort in hot weather. These window AC makes everyday of summer delightful by providing refreshing cooling.

Window AC are designed so that they can be fit into a window frame and they provide cool air and absorbs heat. Here we tell you about best Hitachi Windows AC that you should consider to buy.

1)Hitachi Summer ™ RAT518HUD

This window AC features twin motor technology and uniform air distribution designed with efficient cooling. It is apt for all season and any city.

According to your requirement you can choose between array of modes and features for best cooling. Its auto restart feature will turn on the AC when power supply resumes.

Tech Specs

Compressor: Rotary

Star rating: 5

Capacity: 1.5Ton/5350W

Other features: Filter clean indicator, Digilock and alarm function

2)Hitachi KAZE Reiden -RAW018KTH

The high end features of Hitachi air conditioners is designed to meet the needs to make sure you are comfortable all times. Its advanced startup setting that enables you to present the temperature.

Its alarm function makes sure that the present temperature is attained before you are at home.

Tech Specs

Compressor: Rotary

Speed setting: 3

Capacity: 1.5Ton/ 5275W

3)Hitachi 5S 1.1TR Summer QC RAV513HUD

Hitachi air conditioners in India comes with inbuilt alarm that comes with an off timer so that your busy day does not start late. You can change its settings that gives the most comfortable environment at the touch of a button.

Just switch Digi lock, it locks your AC and prevents misuse in your absence.

Tech Specs

Star rating: 5


EER: 11.42

Power: 1165W

4)Hitachi 5S TR Kaze Plus RAW511KUD

This AC can recognise that in which city you are living, time and your metabolic needs and can change the settings to give most suitable environment.

Its backup memory ensures that you do not need to keep settings in your mind, when power is restored AC starts with previous settings.

Tech Specs

Weight: 1Ton

Power: 1030W

EER: 11.59

5)Hitachi Class Kaze WAC-RAW122KSD

This AC can scan the room before the set time and can calculate time to reach the desired temperature and can switch on automatically. Kaimin can adjust the temperature that ensures you get sound sleep.

By raising 1C per hour for up to 4 hours, its operation can ensure power saving.

Tech Specs

Capacity: 2 Ton

Others: filters Koukin, Air detection control and 4 way directional control

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