Best Practices in Agile Methodology Application


Agile methodology has become very popular in the last few years. Although it has its origins in the IT sector, specifically software development, it has quite quickly spread to many other industries. Agile development processes are currently forcing organizations to make major changes in the way they approach enterprise architecture.

Naturally as more and more companies started using agile methodology they started learning what are the best ways that they can apply it to their business models. So now we have some general best practices that have emerged from the experience of many different enterprises ranging across various industries.

  1. SCRUM meetings

Scrum is an Agile framework used for completion of complex projects, it was originally created for software development projects, but so far it has shown great results on any complex, innovative scope of work to which it was applied. The possibilities are endless as are the applications.

So what are Scrum meetings and why are they important? So in scrum, during each sprint day a meeting is held to discuss the ongoing work and to set the goals for the that day. So the best time to hold a Scrum meeting is first thing in the morning before work starts. This way everyone has clear presentation of what should be done on that day. In addition, it is important to keep this type of meetings time-boxed- up to 15 minutes in order to avoid wasting additional time on irrelevant discussions or questions.

  1. Product Backlog

As you know we implement agile development for a product idea that needs to be further developed into a final product. In the very beginning it is important to divide the project into several smaller pieces, and to do the same with each big task. The next step is for the team to determine the amount of time needed to complete one part of the project.

Next comes identification of priorities based on the client’s or business needs. It is important to keep in mind all the elements that are included in the original project plan. What is changeable, and what agile allows us to do is to identify the possible issues and correct them during the course of project development without affecting the prescribed deadline.

  1. Customer Collaboration

One of the very useful aspects of implementing agile in project development is the fact that it can help keep the client in the loop about both the progress and the changes. It helps the team working on the project to have a better communication with the customer and to understand their needs and demands. While at the same time the customer can be sure that they are getting exactly the product that they have ordered.

A recent study has shown that customer communication has a positive effect on final product quality. The fact that the customer has access to project development process and that they get regular updates, helps build mutual trust and faster communication channels which in return help resolve and issues that might emerge during project realization in a quick and effective way.

The practices presented in this article are just some of the many that agile can offer. Naturally it depends on the company using this type of business architecture which ones are the most important and best implemented for their specific type of work.

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