Are E-cigarettes Really Perceived to Be Less Harmful than Conventional Cigarettes?


Bad habits are easy to learn and really challenging to get rid of on the long-run. Smoking may be one of the most persistent addictions around the world. If you are one of the registered thousand smokers, then you most definitely know how difficult it is to even imagine yourself quitting this unhealthy habit. Not to mention how tough the real quitting process will be. However, you should know that proper support is available to consider. The goal is to heal yourself step-by -step and adopt a healthier overall lifestyle.

Successful Step-by-Step Recovery

The great thing would be to simply quit smoking one day without going back to it. However, when this is not possible, you may want to consider substitutes for conventional cigarettes. These will help you adopt a healthier lifestyle step-by-step. E-cigarettes appeared with this intended purpose.

Although a lot of rumors have circulated ever since these items first appeared on the market, one thing is certain: these are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. However, you should also use these temporarily. The main goal should be to quit smoking in all possible forms.

During the transition period it is more than fine to take advantage of these new items. They will help you go effectively and step-by-step during the addiction recovery process. Let’s discover more about these substitutes below. Read more about

Electronic Cigarettes Ireland

Toxin Research and Comparisons

Different opinions expressed by people using e-cigarettes may be more or less helpful to those really interested in knowing what is best for their health. Using none of them would be the ideal case. However, when you want to choose an option out of these two how do you knowwhat is best among the worse scenarios? Let’s see what specialists have to say in this case.

New analyses of recent studies support e-cigarettes as safer options in comparison to conventional cigarettes. Some evidence has even appeared for the public from this perspective. Numerous reviews and articles have appeared online and in specialized magazines on this theme. In Addiction for example, a well-researched article revealed that a lot of people have shifted from standard to e-cigarettes in the last few years. Why? Because they consider it the healthier choice in this case.


In terms of toxicant substances included in these two items, you should know that specialists admit the negative effects of both e-liquids and aerosols as compared to tobacco smoke. However, the levels of toxicants in the case of e-cigarettes are a lot lower than the ones encountered in any brand of standard cigarettes.

Furthermore, even though there is carcinogen content encountered in their case as well, it can go as negligible in comparison to the really high level and the risks that come from smoking regular cigarettes. Latest recent actually shows toxicant levels of 9 to 450 times lower in the case of e-cigarettes as compared to standard smoke.

No Green Line for Overall Health in Any Case

Though researches show that e-cigarettes are a better alternative, they also show that these items do not come without negative effects or toxic content whatsoever. This means that they might be better than standard smoke and cigarettes but definitely still not a good long-term option for anyone interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Their greatest advantage so far has proven to be their intermediary role in the overall process of quitting smoking once and for all. When you decide to take this step, it is almost impossible just to quit from one day to another especially when you have struggled with this bad habit for a long time.

This way, e-cigarettes come as the perfect option to choose between quitting standard smoking and the final overall quitting process. It takes time to get used to the changes both from a physical and psychological point of view. The levels of nicotine you have gained in time will make everything even more difficult.

However, the process has proven to be an overall success for many people who have gone through the struggle by using e-cigarettes for a while as a support item.

Choose the Best Alternative for a Heathier Lifestyle

If you have decided that smoking is no longer the thing for you, now it is better than ever to start healing yourself. A good recovery process could start with the help of eCig Wizard. It may seem challenging, you may feel like going off the tracks again but hold on and enjoy the benefits of a healthier life!


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