7 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2017 – Bringing a Change in the Game


The Year 2016 is almost at its end, and more than the three quarters of the year have passed.And so far,there have been many changes that have resulted in the social media marketing trends. So what will the future look like for social media in 2017? Social media has been revolving rapidly, breaking down the barriers, and becoming the part of the routine all over the world. In a research study conducted by expanded ramblings 66% of the adults log on to Facebook each and every day.Social media marketing enables business to expand further their reach to more and more customers. These trends turn out to be dynamic, therefore in order to reach out your customers effectively there is an urgent need of keeping up with these changes.So what does 207 have in to store for us when it comes to social media marketing.

Live streaming video:YouTube once upon a time believed to be a sensation in 2004 and is even now. The technology allowed us to record videos, upload and view them at ease. And from 12 years now mobile phone have turned out to be the broadcasting device allowing you to capture the live moments. Not recorded and sanitized with editing but something that is similar to a raw live footage. Meerkat was one of the first social networks making live streaming videos turn out to be easy, then twitterbought periscope blocking twitter sharing on Meerkat. The trend is changing now on how we share stories (both business and private) followed by live events, and education. This is another great way of engaging with your marketing audiences.

Chat Boots are a better CRM:Customer relationship management is considered to be one of the most crucial element for a successful business. This is where social media greatly helps with the business. We all know that social media makes us much closer to our customers, as the chats boots can make real time engagements with the customers.Applications like Telegram and Vine had developedbots on their platform at ease.WhereasFacebook announced bots for messenger platform as its annual Facebook conferences held in April 2016. So far there are around 12,000 boots created on the messenger platform. In a survey conducted by haywire businessrevealed that 53% of the consumers ages 18-34 said and that they prefer to use electronic media be it email, web chat, text or social instead of phone for customer support. 31% also said that it is important for text to be an available and support option.


Dark social:Dark social has been an issue for most of the companies for most of the times. And the popularity of direct messaging apps and growing number of untraceable, erupted messages meaning attribution is turning out to be difficult at times.This also creates problem when you are trying to measure, analyse and optimize the marketing campaigns. You can have your traffic reduced that generally comes from dark traffic adding social sharing buttons to your website. You can measurethrough the degree of accuracy with the amount of traffic that comes from dark social.What you can’t do here is telling where the traffic is exactly coming from and this is something that is unlikely to change.

New Network Trends:Understanding the changes in terms of the popularity for social networking sites is the most essential thing to marketers. And it is important that you evaluate the networks by different active accounts usage beside the number of accounts that they have.So let’s have a look at the some of the social networking sites which are growing more quickly than others. Facebook even today has been presiding its supreme power both in terms of the name recognition and total number of users. It is even today considered to be the largest social media network with over 1.7 billion users followed by YouTube and Instagram.Some of other emerging social media platforms that you need to pay attention is through snapchat, we chat, medium, vine, whisper and cyber dust.

Expiring Social Content:Grabbing attention online is a major battle fought between the brands followed by the bigbudgets and savvy marketers, with a little amount of cash knowing how to hack technology and business growth. And as a result there is a lot of clutter and noise where the challenge is standing out and gaining attention. Normal marketing tactics don’t work in the way they are used to. Snapchat for example tried out a different tactic where they brought urgency to the content table, and the visitors knew that they had very less time to read or view content added there before it disappears. They also included a 10 second video that generally disappears after one view and is then taken forward to the snap chat stories. These are tactics that last only for 24 hours.


The rise of social influencer:Social media web has given rise to the global topic tribes, where the bloggers went ahead and shared content in terms of fashion, food and thousands of other niche passions. They also had loyal followers and advocates on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, successfully building an authentic content. And as the noise continues to increase online, reaching out your targeted customers turns to become harder because of the content clutter, the influencer, and the thought leaders who have built their reach globally are the niche gatekeepers. Brands these days are now paying to reach out their admires and devotees. Read more about 

360 rundgang

Smart Phones and Mobile Matter a Lot:Smart phones and social media are believed to be a great combination.The number of smartphones users have increased a lot in the past few days, and as shown by the a study conducted in 2016 there are more than 2 billion smart phone users in the world. Studies have shown that 1.57 billion mobile active user’sshows 20% rise compared to last year. Mobile traffic is surpassing the desktop traffic and a few mobile apps like Instagram and snapchat are the places where most of the users continue spending their time.  So the mobile users here have to be the key priority to your business.

To conclude:

These are believed to be the top most significant social media marketing trends for 2017. You will need to be a prophet in order to see where social media is going to land up in the upcoming year. Right now it has been a revelation on more of innovative types of content with the different methods of sharing them, social media will continue to grow even bigger than what it is now.Thank you so much for your reading and I hope you found a few take away’s and trends to keep on in 2017. So what are the other key trends you are predicting for 2017? What platforms are you more excited to use? Do leave your comments below.

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