The New Revolution in Link Building i.e, Co-Citations

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Since the Penguin update from Google, link building process has changed a lot. The days of ranking keywords over search engines seems to become difficult and now seen building up a number of links by using the exact keywords as your anchor text. Now, in the context of Penguin updates, you are supposed to carry out a measured kind of efforts to get the best outcome. The way you are able to distribute your anchor text would define the good or bad results for you. At such junctures, co-citations could be called as one of the best ways to yield better SEO efforts. Considering good amount of potentials in it, Co-citations could be called as a new revolution in link building activities.

Defining Co-citations

If you look at some of the best definitions of Co-citation, it is basically talks about measuring and comparing two items together. It may be difficult to understand the literal sense of this definition, hence let’s try to understand by breaking it down. If you talk about some simple kind of citation over the web, you could be referring to links, which could exist over other sites or with social media popularity; you could now find them over Google Plus. So, with Co-citations in the background, it simply refers to any source, which talks about several other sources. In this way, they end up linking those two sources in the context of co-citations.

The way Co-Citation impact search engine rankings

Google uses a huge amount of data to analyze statistical correlations, which are found in between the sites that help in impacting and improving the search result sets. The idea here is that a site (or any social media post) would still going to link to your website, but what matters a lot is the link that occurs there and certainly not the specific embedded keywords over the link. Hence if any site or some articles are talking about things of your niche area and refers the same over any article post, which you wrote that, it could be called as citation, which will matter a lot in search results.

Now, these things are considered as much vital things in perspective to Google as it happens to be more natural and trustworthy in nature. If anyone over the web is talking about your site and chooses to do this mandatorily, then this is certainly going to make a difference in terms of link building activities. The backlinks could be called as a vital thing, which seems to become relevant and integrated elements in different search results. Hence with more number of Facebook likes and Google Plus 1’s will now have not much impact over search results. Rather, Google would prefer instances wherein it finds brands being discussed within any post over the corollary issues.

Google to give more importance to Co-Citations

Soon Google is going to give more importance to Co-Citations as compared to the anchor text since it is very difficult to manipulate the former as compared to the latter one. You will never have good Co-Citations until you carry actionable content, which people simply like to read and then share within their circles. Plus it is also difficult to manipulate the number of industry influencers who carry out co-citations for your site. They in turn would only promote content, which they find the best to share with their followers or readers. ood Co-Citations untill area are not liked to you directly, still wo

Earning Co-Citations

If you are keen to earn the co-citations, you are supposed to carry out few important things. This will include staying always updates over different trends surfacing over your niche area. Always develop original content over issues, which were never discussed in the past in different posts by you or other people in your niche market. Even though others in your niche area are not linked to you directly, still would have some amount impact of the same, which would be measured by Google. Hence the search engines would be going better in this perspective by moving forward.

Final word

Though it’s too early to say that Google is going to simply wipe out the anchor text option, but it will certainly going to consider co-citations as he best relevancy factor in search business. If the co-citation is properly measured, it is certainly going to impact the search engines and thus end up getting good traffic for your site, which is far bigger than the results you get from the option of Anchor text.

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