7 Samsung Accessories You Need to Check in 2018

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While the way in which we use our phones doesn’t differ much, the truth is that with the right accessorizing effort, you can customize your user experience by quite a bit. In the era of VR, smart devices, wireless gadgets and more, the way in which you supplement your phone may be crucial in its efficiency and pragmatism. When it comes to this, Samsung is simply second to none. With that in mind, here are the top seven Samsung accessories you need to check in 2018 in order to improve your overall smartphone experience.

1.    Samsung Gear VR

The first thing you need to understand about the Samsung Gear VR is the fact that it’s definitely the most accessible VR out there. Why? Well, first of all, it’s more affordable than its desktop counterparts HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Second, it is compatible with Samsung phones, which means that you won’t have to invest in a high-end GPU in order to enjoy the VR experience. With more and more virtual reality content out there, it’s important that you know your options and that you keep in mind that Samsung Gear VR is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to join the VR community. While some may argue for the cardboard option – in regards to cost-efficiency, the experience is definitely not comparable.

2.    Multiport adapter

While Samsung is one of the most standard smartphones out there, you’d be surprised at just how many devices still don’t have a port to connect to it. With a simple multiport adapter, you would be able to hook your Samsung phone to your 4K TV via an HDMI jack. Apart from this, most adapters also have USB ports which means that, if the need arises, you can even hook a mouse and a keyboard to the device. Finally, it can be used for a fast-charging option in a situation where you have no immediate access to the socket. This can be done via your laptop, which is a more reliable method on a business trip.

3.    Wireless fast charge

Some of the latest Samsung devices (Samsung S9, Note8) or some other compatible devices, you can get a fast wireless charger. This gives you a completely new charging experience and is particularly convenient for keeping at the bedside. The reason behind this is the fact that you can merely place your phone on top of the charger instead of having to plug it in. You would be surprised at just how complex this simple action this is when you’re sleepy. Using this charging method in front of your Samsung-less friends is also quite convenient and may leave a great impression of you as a particularly tech-savvy person. Combine this by getting one of those unique Samsung S9 covers and you will differentiate yourself even more.

4.    Wireless speaker

While we’re on the topic of wireless gadgets to connect to your phone, getting a wireless speaker is one of the best ideas that ever occurred to someone in the mobile industry. Instead of having to install a stereo system in every single room of the house, you can just get a wireless speaker and carry it around wherever you go. So, for instance, you get to listen to your favorite music while washing the dishes, taking the bath, jumping rope in the garage or relaxing with friends in the living room. Of course, the conventional method of resolving this might be a tad more effective (sound quality-wise), yet, when it comes to cost-efficiency, it’s simply impossible to top the smartphone-wireless speaker combination.

5.    Gear IconX earbuds

Do you sometimes have the urge to leave your home and just go on a stroll leaving your phone behind? Sure, without your phone, how are people going to contact you in the case of an emergency but what if this was the whole point? What if you decided to go off the grid for a couple of hours, wandering the streets, hiking or simply running a couple of laps around the block? The greatest downside of this would be your inability to play your music, however, with the device such as Gear IconX earbuds, you can achieve this completely phone-free. By being connected to your phone via cloud, you can just take the earbuds and leave the phone at home. In this way, you can have your cake and eat it too.

6.    Power Bank

Most of the Samsung smartphones already come with a high power battery built-in. But if you are a type of the person who likes to spend the most of his time outdoor, then this is something must-have. There are various models, from “only” 4000mAh to more than 50.000mAh. Some of them are even solar powered so you can easily spend weeks in the nature without any worries.

7.    Fast in-car charger

Finally, to a lot of people, the very prospect of running out of battery is a terrifying thought. Nevertheless, it is something that might happen at one point, due to your inability to predict how much you are going to use your phone during the following day. You see, most people charge their phones while they sleep but some apps are so battery-intensive that your phone might not hold it between two naps. With the help of a fast in-car charger, you can leave this dilemma behind once and for all. By having this device, you can charge your home on your commute to work, thus resolving any pressing issues you might have at the moment. You’ll find it the most useful if you are up to a long road trip with constant use of a GPS navigation app.

In conclusion

Due to the fact that they’re becoming fairly standard to the market and that the number of their retailers is growing, most of these devices are much cheaper today than they were in the past. Moreover, the benefits they offer, according to some, makes it worth your while to include them to your personal high-tech arsenal smartphone repair.

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