5 great reasons why investors unimpressed new iPhone models


Apple has been known for innovation and creative products including the iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. The features and functions you find in these products have been applauded a lot all over the world hence you would find its users often wait to see something new coming out from the company. Every six or seven months you see something new coming out from the company, that’s been the tradition of the company. Hence this is the basic reason, why you see the company has developed an emotional branding in the current market. But despite all the hype, innovation, emotional branding, etc. you can see certain unexpected things committed by the company. If you look at the recent iPhone models being launched by them, you would be rather dejected to see them and this is the reason these have failed to impress the consumers and even investors at large. There are certain reasons why investors seem to be unhappy about the new iPhone models, let’s check the top five of these in the following paragraph:


1). The same old camera design

Most of the users and investors expect that Apple would come up with an all together a new camera in the latest iPhone 5S devices. However, most of the people were dejected to see any enhancement in it. Hence the armature photographers who thought of getting a new camera to click good pictures using the latest iPhone models were badly disappointed seeing the old camera designs in it. The present camera is similar to the older ones, no improvement or enhancement was see except a fact that the newer ones is reported to have a wider aperture to allow the user to find more light inside the clicking pictures. Except this small trivial thing, there is nothing new in the newly launched iPhone model. So a big reason for the investors to castigate Apple for the latest iPhone models!

2). Same old exteriors

Apple could have thought of embarking with some changes at least over the exteriors over the new iteration of the iPhone devices, which are launched in the recent past. Ironically, not a single change was witnessed over it as the users and investors were seen finding the same old, mundane and boring kind of exteriors, which they have been witnessing since long. Though people favoring the new iPhone device would say that you get a couple of interesting and exotic features inside the smartphone, but the fact is with no and trivial kind of changes over the exteriors of the recent device, things really seems to be disappointing with the Apple’s products.

3). The new iPhone models are pitted with the same old problems

All the problems, which the users were able to discover with the older iPhone devices still seem to persist with the newer models of this smartphone. This is because there is hardly any bigger change or enhancement seen in the software or hardware side of the iPhone 5S and hence the older problems would certainly going to bug again the users and investors. You have the same old App Store with nothing new and interesting kind of apps and games. So unless you jailbreak your new iPhone device, you have nothing interesting to enjoy over the newly launched models from this brand. However, with this you end up losing the privileges you get from the company under warranty and guarantee element.

4). Trivial hardware upgrades

Unfortunately if you look at the hardware aspects of the newly launched iPhone device, again you have dejection and disappointments for the users and investors. The only changes you can notice is a bit better battery as compared to the earlier iPhone devices and screen, which displays more amount of pixels making things slightly better and certainly not great as expected by Apple. Hence it’s fair to say that all the features found in the new iPhone models are going to darn nicely over the older iPhone 5 devices. So, what’s the point of adding few hundred dollars to get some trivial kind of upgrades when you can enjoy the same user experience with fewer amounts?

5). iOS 7 simply sucks

Another big reason for investors to worry about the recent models of iPhone is the iOS 7. This new version of Apple’s operating system simply sucks, it’s pathetic, unnecessary and would certainly going to compel you to have some newer interface when you would be simply not going to use the new iPhone models for long. The iPhone 5S is being shipped with iOS 7, which really doesn’t make anything interesting for the users, hence there is no point investing so many dollars in this new smartphone device

Final word

This time Apple seems to have dejected the users and even its investors for coming out with the same old story in the new models of iPhone devices. The above five reasons bear testimony to the fact that the newer versions of iPhone really suck the investors.

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