5 Best Car Tracking Apps for Android: Popular Car Tracking Apps to Find your Travel Companion

It is a crowded Sunday where there are several cars parked and by chance you forget the place you had parked your vehicle in the car parking zone. There are several Android car tracking apps that helps you locate your four wheeler. There aren’t any apps designed to find your stolen car. Hopefully, in the nearby future, you might find one! These apps can help you track your missing car. Move down to know the 5 best car tracking apps for Android.   

5 Best Car Tracking Android Apps

Android has become an integral part of every man’s life. The smartphone hanging in our pockets is a multipurpose device and performs all undesired functions. We bring to you some efficient car tracking Android apps that will help you to hunt down your vehicle. Catch hold of some of them and easily find your car amongst a group of vehicles. Move down to know the features offered by the 5 popular car tracking Android apps.


This car tracking app is designed for the self employed people. With this tracking app, you can easily track the distance covered by your car, petrol or gas filled and other such statistics. The car tracking app has combined with companies like Square, Uber, PayPal and many other companies. Get the Android app with many features for the self employed people. Try the free app designed for your vehicle.

Download Hurdlr!

Google Maps

This is one of the best car tracking apps used widely. It shows you the accurate location of the car on the Google map. Just follow the route given in the map, it provides step-by-step directions, caters various transit information, re-route your commute to avoid traffic and much more. Get faster real time updates and avoid the traffic with real time navigation, traffic conditions and ETA. Be on time to catch your bus or train. Find everything right from popular restaurants, routes, gas stations, coffee stops and much more with the google maps.

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Path Guide

This is an unusual tracking Android app developed by Microsoft. It acts like your companion and works by recording the distance covered throughout the day. The user taps on the record button whenever he leaves his car and automatically stops as he enters the entrance. As the day ends, the user can reverse all the directions and the app will help find any recreational point like a restaurant or popular recreational sites that have come your way. The map-free tracking app follows your walking patterns throughout the day.

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The free app is considered to be the best car tracking app. It works by saving the exact location where you parked so that you don’t waste your time in searching your car. The app helps the user by showing no parking zones and saves your money. Receive parking ticket alerts or street cleaning hours and enables to find metered spots. SpotAngels is also equipped with parking spot saver available everywhere. The parking ticket is applicable in some selected cities. In some places, people can report spots with chances of getting tickets. This information is sent to other people owing the app.

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There are several cars that come up with inbuilt apps that are connected into the cars. Car companies like Ford, Chevy, Lexus are some examples who came up with this idea. The app enables to find parking in about 160+ cities, call a guide whenever needed, find and reserve parking  that consumes less time and effort. Download this app to make mobility fun and easier. These apps will help you, but rely on other apps that work faster and efficiently.

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Download your desired car tracking Android app so that you don’t waste time in seeking your four wheeler.  These apps help in easily searching your car, tracking traffic and even find your prominent eatery place or any recreational places. For more information about car rooted android apps you can visit best android emulators.  The car works to help you drive back home along with helping you find the path you desire to go. These Android apps will help you safeguard your four wheeled beast.

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