Want a good reason to switch to Samsung Phones? Why not have Seven

More often we get to see Smartphone users complaining about their scratched screens, full memory and many more things like out of contact list. These are usual stories of people using Smartphone these days. Most of the smart phones give enough reasons to get pissed off and have a feeling of throwing away your handset. But wait, instead of throwing the phones to trash think of a brand, which is really infallible and to the mark. One such brand is Samsung, so, why not switch over to this phone, you have loads of reasons to do so, right from the affordable Samsung Mobile Price  to wide range of Samsung Mobile Model collections. Let’s check the seven reasons to switch over to Samsung mobile as under:

1). Smaller Screens are obsolete why not go for large with Samsung Mobiles

Well, you have opened up your eyes now and get to see the bigger and brighter HD super AMOLED screen, which one can only get with Samsung Mobiles. The Galaxy S4 is known to have five inches screen and one can even supersize the same. The Galaxy Note 3 can be seen with the glorious 5.7 inches.

2). No Problem with Battery

Unlike the other branded phones, the Samsung mobile phones will never leave you stranded without any juice. By simply popping in the spare battery while you need the same and unlike a bunny with the drum one can just keep things going.

3). Internal Storage can be found more restrictive here more than like the pair of disco pants better break free with memory expanding Micro SD Cards

No need to move around the tracks or delete any picture while you get the desperate quest for any free megabytes. All you need to do is to update whenever you want things by either simply with a slot in a memory card or by smugly downloading another Jean Claude Van Damme Box Set in your device.

4). Your phone keeps on movie, don’t worry you can get things settled down in no time

All you need to do is to plug in your PC and then park all your cheesy and shamefully music, the soppy videos and some embarrassing pictures along with the time wasting applications on your brand new Samsung mobile without any delay or hassle. The Smart Switch can help you in finding out how things can be transferred without much of efforts.

5). Don’t Worry, Your Apps are Following You

Ditching your old smart phones doesn’t really mean that you leave behind your favorite applications behind. Well, you can even find the Android version of everything you have used. Samsung returns your happy days back.

6). User-friendly phones

If you worry how to use the Samsung phones, think again, you do not have to worry as these devices are simple to use and quick to work. You would find loads of useful videos and stuff over MyGalaxy app wherein you can handily pre-load over your new Smartphone for helping you to find the Samsung feet.

7). Samsung phone has wonderful widgets

You can own the phone with home screen with loads of customized stuff unlike the widgets that help you breathe including news, emails and keep the latest celebrity tiff over Twitter. You can easily go personal with the shortcuts, folders and apps.


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