Top Tips for Tech Addicts: How to Save Your Water Damaged Phone

Top Tips for Tech Addicts: How to Save Your Water Damaged Phone

We’ve all done it, and dropping your mobile phone into a puddle, sink, pool or toilet is a real nightmare for any gadget lover. But it’s important to remember that dealing with a water damaged or wet phone doesn’t mean making that dreaded call to your insurance company. Check out the following top tips and resuscitate your device from its watery grave every time!

Avoid Hanging About

This may seem a little obvious but the longer your phone is exposed to water, the greater the damage is likely to be. As soon as your phone drops into that puddle or sink full of dishes, act fast and remove the device from the water straight away. Once you have removed the device, avoid pressing the keypad as this may result in the moisture seeping deeper and deeper into the inner workings of your phone and causing irreparable damage.

Don’t Listen to Your Gut

Whilst the first step every mobile phone user will take when attempting to dry out their drenched gadget is to remove the battery, quickly dry it out and then replace the battery to try again, avoid doing this at all costs! Before replacing the battery, you must ensure every component within your mobile phone is completely dry. Pay particular attention to where the battery fits when drying to ensure that the circuit does not short when you try to switch it on once more.

Picking up a hairdryer or letting your phone naturally dry in the sun’s rays is also a natural reaction for those with a recently water damaged phone, however it is important that you avoid exposing your phone and its inner components to excess heat. Towel drying your phone may not seem as thorough, however it is the perfect tool to ensure it is exposed to dry air, not heightened temperatures.

Draw Out Moisture with Uncooked Rice

This is certainly my favourite trick in the book! Whilst towel drying your mobile phone may result in moisture congregating in hard to reach places, a visit to your kitchen could result in the perfect recipe to save your phone. Dry, uncooked rice draws out moisture from every part of your phone, simply place the device into a sealed container with the rice and leave overnight. You may need to repeat this process once or twice more to ensure the phone is fully dry.

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is certainly the key to fixing a wet or water damaged phone as the device may take up to 72 hours to dry out fully from the inside out. We know it’s difficult to live without your favourite gadgets but try to hold on as long as possible before turning the phone on as shorting the circuit too early may cause permanent damage.

Brittany Thorley works for Steatite Batteries developing specialist systems for commercial, industrial, military and individual use. She is also an avid blogger and regularly shares advice about the maintenance of commercial and industrial-grade gadgets.

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