Top 5 optimization tips to get your app featured on the App Store

Top 5 optimization tips to get your app featured on the App Store

Optimization is the key to everything where it is a software solution that you are working on or an app. Every developer wishes for his/her app to get popular on the App Store and this is very challenging owing to the number of app submissions every day. Once you cross the herculean task of getting your app accepted, attracting user attention is the next hurdle along the path and for this optimization is the key. Whether you are writing a website and then planning to optimize it for search engines or you have a blog and wish for it to feature amongst the most viewed ones – it is all about optimizing it for the particular platform in which you want to market it. Being a leading mobile application development company, we have compiled a list of App Store optimization tips that will help you get more downloads and improve your app’s visibility amongst users.

#1: It’s all in the name

The name of your app is very important when it comes to its popularity and it should always capture the essence of its purpose and manage to be relevant not to mention unique. Once you get this right, you are on the right path to promoting your app well. We recommend that you don’t opt for special characters and also that you spend a lot of time choosing the right name for your app.

#2: Don’t forget the keywords

As in SEO, keywords are the most important criterion for your app figuring on the top and catching the user’s eye. However, we would also recommend that you don’t use them too much as this could result in policy violations. The keywords you choose should be related to your product and we recommend that you use them optimally from your descriptions to tags. However, don’t stuff your keywords for this will only result in policy violations. We have a ton of experience in mobile application development and we have observed that using keywords optimally is the best course of option.

#3: Reviews Matter

Users go through reviews and see what everyone has to say about your app before they download it and this is why reviews are important to your app’s success. In our experience with Android application development and iOS application development, we have found that positive reviews are great for marketing. However, negative reviews could be potentially harmful. We suggest that you address those reviews that pin point issues with the app ASAP and get it fixed and reply to them as well.

#4: Your logo is the clinching factor

A picture is worth a thousand words and this is perhaps why your logo is very important. Your logo should capture the essence of your app and the idea behind it and manage to stay creative, novel and unique. We spend a lot of time when it comes to the logo and the app name and finalize it post a lot of revisions. The effort you put into this quarter will directly result in creating interest in your app and thus improve its download ratio.

#5: Descriptions are the best ways to add your keywords

Now that you have compiled a list of great keywords that are relevant and related to your product, you need to put them somewhere so that the App Store or the Google Play Store picks it up during search and this is where the description comes in handy. Whether you work on iOS or Android application development, it is important to make sure that your keywords are featured in the description. Make sure that you don’t stuff it with keywords but at the same time all the necessary keywords should be present in your description for the app to be picked up by the search.

We follow these tips to ensure that our apps get good ratings and have a good visibility amongst the ton that the App Store is flooded with. Hope you do the same and enjoy success with your app; good luck!

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