Tips to picking the right exterior paint for Indian homes

Are you looking to get the exterior walls of your home painted? Then you should choose your paints wisely as your exteriors in a great way determine who you are as a person for any bystander who looks at your home from the outside. The type and color of the paint that you choose for your exterior walls plays a very important role in determining their aesthetic appeal. They also have a major functional role to play by protecting your exterior walls from weathering elements. So here are some tips that will help you choose the best paint for your exterior walls.

Choose your paint according to the personality of your home

Just like anything else in life, your home also has got a personality of its own. Therefore, you should choose the paint based on its personality. For instance, you can choose a paint based on you and your family’s general lifestyle, the area that you live in or a special theme of your choice. When you choose an exterior color paint, it should reflect that personality. You can go for hip and trendy colours that are somewhat unorthodox or opt for a color palette that is refined and subdued. Choosing a color that makes you feel the way you want to feel is a great way to go about Best PVC pipe manufacturers in India.

Make sure that the paint comes with weather protection features

Indian cities are mostly known for their monsoon climates which means that your home will face a lot of scorching heat and rain as the years go by. Therefore, you need to make sure that the paint product that you opt for comes with enhanced weather protection features to protect your walls from weathering elements. Unless this is so, your exterior walls are soon going to appear weary and aged. They will lose their shine and the walls will soon be infested by bacteria which will produce bad odour. Most leading paint manufacturing brands offer their range of weather protection exterior paints that will offer the protective coating that your home’s walls truly deserves.

Take cues from your home’s natural background

When it comes to choosing the color of your exterior wall paint, you can take hint from the surrounding natural areas around your home. For instance, if you have a beach home, then you can go for shades such as sunny yellow and aquamarine blue. On the other hand, if you have a lot of greenery around your home, you can choose to make use of colours that perfectly complement such a natural ambience.

Use the historical style of your home as a hint

If you are living in a home that is quite old but belongs to a definite style that was once quite trendy, you can then take hint from the other houses and choose paint shades that perfectly express the beauty of such vintage homes. Painting your home in such manner can add a lot of personality and depth to your home and will increase its attractiveness manifold.

Use your home’s architectural style to choose exterior paints

Ask most interior designers in Bangalore and they will tell you that a great way to choose paints for the exterior walls is to consider the architectural style of the home that you are living in. You can take into consideration the character, details and texture of your home when you choose the paint so that your home has a uniquely beautiful appearance at all times. For instance, you can give your exterior walls the brick look which has become so popular in the modern times.

Choose paints that are not too loud and allows you to blend in

While you would certainly want your home to appear unique in style, you certainly don’t want your exterior walls painted in a shade that makes your home look gaudy or loud. It is always better to blend in with the other homes in the area so that your home feels like a part of a larger community.


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